Teiko Reindorf

Teiko Reindorf

Meet Teiko.

Teiko Reindorf is a multi force talent based out of Toronto, Canada.  A top-notch illustrator and trainer, he’s the co-author and illustrator of an online training comic Mighty Trainer

If you’re a follower of Elliott Hulse then you may have also seen Teiko as he’s made a big mark in the Non-Jobs group and has just returned from a month long internship at Strengthcamp in St. Petersburg.

Teiko is one of my favorite people.  As you can see from his picture he is BIG and unapologetically so.  In fact, his latest product Big Man Strong is a celebration of largeness and how to build upon and develop the gifts nature bestows upon the larger athlete.  Follow the link for a special 30% off for Mental Meat Head listeners.

Listen is as we carry on about being big, interning in St. Petersburg, and doing business through the Internet.  To listen CLICK HERE!  To download, right click and ‘Save As.’

To our perfect imperfection,


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