A truly great man is not challenged by your greatness, but emboldened by it.  He knows that when you shine you brightest, everyone around you is illuminated. I’m honored to know Elliott Hulse, to consider him a guide, mentor and friend.  If you missed it there’s a short interview we did a few weeks ago.  You can listen or download it HERE. If you’d like to meet Elliott, he’ll be here, at Agoge Fitness Systems, January 26 and 27 for the Mental Meat Heads workshop.  Get your spot while they’re still left. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »


Few things are more valuable in this life than the realization that we are not alone.  The truth is our experiences have more in common than we give credit and the isolation we sometimes feel is largely self imposed. In order to fully understand the commonality of our experience we must open ourselves up, be willing to share our experiences.  By doing so we allow others the opportunity to realize that actually they’re not the only one. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Personal Value

  I must confess, the above line is my favorite quote from The Muppet Movie, and I always did kind of identify with Sweetums. This line stays with me I think because what’s most important is it’s opposite which is: We are more than what we do. I agree that what we do represents best who we are, but our value lies not in what we do, but who we are. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Wild One

  All too often the face we present to the world is our copy of someone we think is more successful than we are.  Most of us, steeped in our own insecurities, feel that we’ll be better received that way. The truth is the world wants you.  That’s why you were made in the first place.  Shine your own truth.  Show your own face.  Be you. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Old Dog, New Tricks

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  For the past few months I’ve been banging my head against a proverbial wall trying to expand my outreach and really all I’ve gotten is a headache. For those of you who have stick with me over the past few months, diligently reading my posts and even commenting from time to time, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. My goal of expanding my outreach, however, has been painstakingly slow and I cannot help but think that part of that… Read More »