Sally Moss


Welcome all the way from the UK, the gubernatrix, herself, Sally Moss.

Sally is, as Chip Conrad once named her, a strength ambassador and not just because she comes from the land of hobbits and elves…oh, wait is that New Zealand? No, Sally is a strength ambassador because she sees the value in developing strength and has made it her mission to help others bridge the gap between ability and inability, between meekness and self confidence. Strength training is a vital tool in making that happen.

Sally is the driving force behind her popular blog and the Facebook group Women’s Strength Training Network.

If you don’t know what a gubernatrix is, don’t feel bad. I had no clue myself. Countering my suspicions that Sally had  exploited her rights of English citizenry to doctor the language, this is a Latin term for “she who points the way.” An apt term, indeed, for one committed to sharing her own journey and shining a light for others as she makes her way.

Listen in as we discuss strength, training, living on a boat in the middle of London, gender issues in the fitness world, Michael Douglas’ pivotal film from 1993, Falling Down, the transition from intellectual geek to intellectual-strength-freak-geek and our mutual appreciation for everything that is Tom Waits.

CLICK HERE! to listen, to download, right click and “Save As.” To watch the video, GO HERE!

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