Rannoch Donald

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Meet Rannoch Donald. Besides going into the pool for possessing one of the coolest names of all time, Rannoch is a Renaissance man, a generalist in the finest sense of the word. He’s a martial artist, a blogger, and overall movement enthusiast. A former band promoter, he’s now turned his talents to the fitness industry. Rannoch hosts fitness workshops in the south of Spain, drawing in names like Steve Cotter, Mike Mahler and Erwan La Corre.

Listen in as we discuss fitness, martial arts, diet, eating habits, and what it takes to be a better man.

To check out our interview GO HERE. To download, right click and “Save As.” To watch the interview on YouTube click below.

*Editor’s Note*  For some reason (probably operator error) the sound quality of the video is not ideal. For a better quality recording stream or download the audio.

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