Kyle Winchell

Kyle Winchell


Meet Kyle Winchell. Kyle is one of the Merry Pranksters of Fitness from the Bodytribe in Sacramento, California. Kyle, in particular, is responsible for bringing his own flavor of play based training to Bodytribe with the addition of Hot Lava Tag.

Originally, Hot Lava Tag was just a way for the trainers to blow off steam after work. Soon locals passing by would see them at play and ask to join the game. Now it’s a regular phenomenon drawing in new participants every week. Kyle’s even in the process of “formalizing” it into a league.

Listen in as we discuss training, music, books, philosophy and the vital importance of play in our training and inclusion in our lives. To listen to the interview CLICK HERE! To download, right click and “Save As.” To watch on YouTube click below.

To learn more about Kyle and his training, check him out on the Bodytribe webpage or email him at

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