Dewey Nielsen

Dewey Nielsen


Meet Professor Dewey Nielsen. Dewey’s a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hence the title professor, and a movement specialist. And by movement specialist I mean he specializes in movement, which actually makes him a generalist. Dewey feels that the human body was designed to move and in all kinds of ways. The better we move in all of these different ways the better we are. Body flow, power lifting, yoga, weight lifting, boxing, martial arts, you name it, regardless of your discipline Dewey can find something of value in it. Odds are he’s already doing it, too.

Dewey lives and trains in Newberg, Oregon and is the owner of Impact Performance Training. His clientele is as generalized as his philosophy, training both athletes and the general population alike. Listen in as we discuss movement, joy, martial arts, programming and our mutual affection for the man who is Tom Waits.

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