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Hunt Creek

Hey there,

How was your week? Mine seemed to get busier. Various interests competed for my time and that lent itself to some longer days and having to let a few things go.

I’m continuing to edit video for my online course. That’s actually starting to go pretty well. I’ve learned a few tricks on how to fix certain issues in post. (I’m pretty sure that’s an industry term.) Things like how to zoom in on a wider angled shot to give better detail and how to speed up specific clips so as to show what I’m doing but not unnecessarily lengthen the video with content viewers should already be familiar with. I’m also in talks with a local DJ to use some of his beats. So, send me good juju in the hopes that he says “yes.”

I’m also upping my Instagram game. During my meeting last week with one of my mentors, I was advised that Instagram is like a pool party. When you get to the party there are usually groups of people clustered around various activities. There’s the group clustered around the grill, the group that’s admiring the house of the host, maybe a party of folks checking out the yard or garden, the group hanging out on the deck, and even those bozos with their shirts off trying to show off in the pool.

Your job is to grab a beer and mingle. Find the group or groups that interest you. Walk up and join the conversation, “S’up?” So, I’m wandering around. Finding different posters, checking out what they have to offer and saying, “Hi.”

As with everything in life it’s all about being genuine. Just be a person. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be impressive. It’s easy to do. Especially in places like Insta-world where posts are crafted for maximum effect. But fake always falls flat. Given a choice I’d much rather you underestimate me and be surprised than to overestimate me and be disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand the pressure, especially when you are attempting to tie a livelihood to what you post. But I’m pretty sure I can consistently be me. I might occasionally pull out something you might find impressive, but constantly searching for more and more Wow is not how I live my life. In the end, fake will prove itself and I’ll end up doing more damage than good.

Speaking of good. Samantha and I have been watching The Good Place on Netflix. I really dig it. We’re both surprised we’re only just now into season 3. The episodes are dense without feeling that way. If I were a professor of Philosophy I’m pretty sure this show would be my introductory text. It’s sweet and warm and engaging and manages a rather deep dive into what it means to be a good person and why that even matters without being preachy or pedantic.

On Friday morning, my friend, Matt Hunt, had me over to his house to walk the creek and fish. It was a much needed and even more appreciated break. It brought me back to growing up in Pelham. Our neighborhood had a tributary of the Cahaba running through it that we played in as kids. We often walked down to the creek with our K-mart fishing poles just to see what we could catch.

We didn’t catch much on Friday but it was good to hang with Matt and to explore some of the natural spaces hidden in our backyards. I think we also explored some ideas for future Alabama Sasquatch content - trail building, tree felling, work as play kind of stuff.

Stay tuned.

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