Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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If you've been following my previous blog posts, you know I've been working on curing myself of exercise induced mouth breathing. Taking a cue from author Patrick McKeown, and his book Oxygen Advantage, I've been actively training to keep my trap shut and nose breath while I train.

As I noted in a previous post, one of the immediate benefits of this style of training is its inherent self regulation. This week the weather has been less than conducive for running. 

It's either been pouring rain or too damned cold. The sun was finally shining today, but cold temperatures and my sinuses have not made friends yet. So, I opted for another workout similar to the ones I'd done previously this week. I usually run on the days I lift, so after a workout of medium heavy Deadlifts, followed by Pull Ups and Shrugs I did the following circuit, 3:00 working and 1:00 of rest in between:

1.  Jump rope
2.  Heavy Bag Left Lead
3. Cobra Bag Right Lead
4. Kettlebell Swings
5.  Jump Rope
6. Heavy Bag Right Lead
7. Cobra Bag Left Lead

The whole circuit took just under thirty minutes. My only rule? If I found myself hitting a level where I needed to open my mouth to breath I either slowed down or stopped working until I could continue comfortably just breathing with my nose. And yes, I slowed down sometimes and even stopped a few times.

Try adding this to one of your own workouts. Let me know how you do.


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