What I’m Thankful For

Simply put I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful for my readers. I'm thankful for my clients. I'm thankful for my friends, for my family, for everyone of you whose contribution lets me do what I love everyday. I sincerely hope that you, too, get to experience the joy of living out your purpose. If you're not and you want to, get with me. I'll do everything in my power to help you get there.

Rather than spending the remainder of this post waxing sappy about home much I love you guys I want to share the stage with one of my clients, Catherine Oseas. Catherine is a librarian for the Birmingham Public Library. She had just returned home from a trip to see her brother in Las Vegas​ when she came into the gym all excited about her experience at his Crossfit gym. After hearing her story I asked her to write it down and now I share it with you.

I am from Las Vegas. I spent my formative years there, and half my family still lives there. I go home to visit them once, maybe twice, a year. This year I started Agoge AND I started joining my brother at his Crossfit gym when I am back on the West Coast. I started Agoge in June and went to my first Crossfit class in Vegas in July. I saw the similarities then, but kept them to myself. I was new to both activities and enjoyed them both.

I just got back from Vegas. I’m officially 6 months, and 1 fitness championship, into my work with Dave at Agoge. I love it. It’s hard and it’s exhausting and frustrating and slow moving but it is also rewarding and the only time in my life I have felt like going to the gym was not a hassle. I love the people I lift heavy things next to. I laugh and feel myself get taller when I walk into a class with Jimmy and see who I will be defending myself against. I like the accountability and the lessons and the incremental growth.

This was my third time going to Crossfit with my brother. As I mentioned earlier, the movements are similar to what we do at Agoge. A lot of squats. Some running. And a group of people there to push themselves and push each other to be better versions of themselves. I watched the class of strangers (to me) circle my brother and encourage him to finish the set he was on. To push past the ripped skin on his hand and get one more pull up. To finish the goal and intention he set out for himself by walking in the door that day. They were a cohesive unit, much the way we Agogians are.

The differences were also fairly glaring. As a human with a superawareness of my body, I was immediately insecure. Would I be able to keep up with these “perfectly formed humans”? I knew I lifted relatively heavy things. I know I can punch a bag pretty darn hard, but I haven’t made it to the 90lb front squat yet! As the panic started in I heard “Better before more” and I calmed down and centered. I kept up in the warmup. Next was sled pushes. No panic, just a mental note to tell Dave I like sled pushes. The WOD was next. Jump rope (30 double unders/120 single unders); 15 front squats (165lb men/ 90lb women); 5 muscle ups. 4 rft (rounds for time). The panic started creeping back. I couldn’t do 30 double unders! And what the H*#% is a muscle up?! Is it a pull up? I can’t do that! This time I heard “Slow is smooth…” and I knew what I needed to do. I did my 120 single unders. I was behind everyone, but I did my best. I did my front squats with just the bar. I did my muscle ups on 2 plates on a box. I did my 4 rounds. I wasn’t last. I wasn’t first. I was there and I held my own and that was when I texted my home gym! I held my own against the “perfect” Crossfitters.

It was intense. The energy there is much different than ours at Agoge. Things are not explained at Crossfit (or at least this Crossfit) as to what and why, like they are at Agoge. But the feeling of accomplishment is still there and the comradery is there. And the soreness the next day is the same.

I still get insecure when I walk into a room of the fit and fabulous in any situation. But this experience helped me to remember that I am on my way to more secure. I am better slow and will eventually get to more, smoother, and faster.

Hells yeah.

To our perfect imperfection,


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