War Stories: Tales from the front

Today I am super excited. This is the day I announce the launch of a new program here at Agoge Fitness Systems. It’s a bit of a departure from what you might expect from a gym. However, if you’ve followed me for a while it’s really no surprise.

Today I launch War Stories: Tales from the Front. This is a collection of interviews with people I admire and respect.

I took the name Agoge for my business because of the history of the word. In ancient Greece, the agoge was the school all Spartan youth attended to learn their respective roles in society. Girls as well as boys were enrolled and athletics was a fundamental component of their education.

This education was so well respected that Greeks from other city states sent their sons to be educated in Sparta knowing that on their return they would be better suited to be successful adults and a boon to their families and communities.

The sole job of a Spartan citizen was soldier. That’s it. All other aspects of Spartan society were provided by their wives, foreign contractors, or slaves.

So the agoge was a school for warriors and it was for this reason I took the name for my business. We are all warriors. We all have battles to face. For some of us those battles are physical; nearly everyone of us knows someone touched by our nation’s current or historical wars. Others of us will never know the harsh reality of combat, but we face battles just the same.

The lessons of the warrior are our lessons. We can all see reflections of our own struggles in those of others.

War Stories: Tales from the Front is an opportunity to share some of those stories. Inside you’ll find tales of people from all walks of life; their commonality, having faced life head on and still being alive to talk about it. Each one of us knows adversity. We all know defeat. We know what it’s like to hold our ground when it’s easier to just let go, and we know the taste of victory. These are our stories.

Every Wednesday I will post a new interview, a new collection of stories, from one of the many warriors I have the honor of knowing. Come, sit at my fireside, I’ll stoke the flames and share with you stories eternal of adversity, struggle and triumph. And in those stories, you will come to see yourself.

To your perfect imperfection,


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