The Walking Dead

Today is day 12 of the 90 day diet Eric Hulse prescribed for me to combat an elevated blood pressure and a handful of minor issues I consider less than seemly for someone who seeks to position himself as a leader in the fitness industry.

Despite the title of this post I am still alive and feeling much better thank you.

That god awful “kill all the things” attitude that took over my psyche weekend before last has passed. I’m no longer surly and bitchy, I’m just tired. I spent the better part of the weekend on the couch catching up on the AMC series The Walking Dead, uniquely apt for the way I’ve been feeling lately.

I still haven’t had a workout on par with what I was doing before this change. At first I just didn’t feel like it. My aches and pains were glaringly apparent and anything approaching a max effort squat session was just beyond my scope of ability. Today it’s not so much that I ache, I just don’t have the energy.

For the past week my workouts have been largely mobility based. I’ve been analyzing my weaknesses and making efforts to shore them up. That means a lot of knee stabilizing and shoulder mobility. The knee work has involved assisted pistols and the Bodytribe Warrior 3 – Cossack Squat series.

In my shoulders I’m trying to correct tight wrists and forearms coupled with tight pec minor which is making for no small difficulty in my front squats and cleans. To correct this I’m working several of the club swings covered in Chip Conrad’s clubbell — er leverage club tutorial.

That means I’ve only had two squat sessions this past week, neither to a max, and I’ve relegated myself to snatch practice, working with very light weight and being a total form nazi. If it wasn’t perfect it didn’t count.

My supplements arrived last week and Eric got home from his ten day silent meditation retreat. We emailed over the weekend and something he mentioned about the supplements struck home.

This initial batch of supplements was NOT cheap. In fact I spent nearly $300 on eight different bottles which at best will offer a two month supply at minimal dosage. I worried that many of the people I speak to, who might benefit from Eric’s advice would be turned off from seeking his help simply because of the price.

What he said, and I’m paraphrasing here, the emphasis is mine, is that all the supplements in the world are WORTHLESS if you don’t have your foundation in place. If your diet is not right, you don’t get enough sleep, you’re not getting enough exercise (or too much) and you haven’t got a handle or your stress you’re just wasting your money. The supplements can’t do it for you.

That’s why they’re called supplements. Their job is to supplement a healthy lifestyle not correct an unhealthy one.

I’m assured that this is just a phase in the process and soon I’ll be bursting with energy and ready to tear things up in the gym again. I certainly hope so, I’m far to pretty to be mistaken for an errant walker.

To our perfect imperfection,


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