Trainer Spotlight

If you haven't already, meet Julie Maharrey. Julie is on the powerlifting team, is one of our strength coaches and heads up the yoga program here at Agoge Fitness Systems.

Primary occupation:

Anatomy instructor at Jeff State

How long have you been a fitness trainer?

about a year

How long have you been with Agoge Fitness Systems?

since 2010

What drew you to fitness?

I've always supported a healthy lifestyle, but it came easy when I was younger. One day in grad school, I hopped on a treadmill to run and met disappointment. The significant delay in impact between my front side and back side became an alarm that created a serious commitment to fitness. The path to health and fitness hasn't always been smooth or direct. However, growing stronger and smarter at Agoge Fitness has made it a ton easier. At Agoge, I feel supported by Dave, the trainers, and other clients. It's a privilege for me to train folks and work hard next to them.

What’s something that most members of the gym wouldn’t necessarily know about you?

I didn't become athletic until my mid-20s, so I still remember what it's like to be at the beginning and at the multiple places of re-commitment.

To our perfect imperfection,


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