Tamara Reynolds

Tamara Reynolds (1)

What up everybody! As promised, today I’m bringing you my other weightlifting coach and the founder of Asheville Strength and Conditioning (remember, the conditioning is silent), Tamara Reynolds.

If right now, you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought it was Tamara Cohen.” It was. And now it’s changed. Deal with it. 🙂

Tamara is a powerhouse. On her way back from a knee injury, she’s already squatting weights that question my notions of my own abilities, and I easily outweigh her by 100 pounds. Needless to say, having her as coach is a tremendous inspiration and a swift kick in the pants. Both, by the way, admirable traits in any leader.

Tamara is a devoted mother of two and in addition to running her gym is partnered up with the evangelical Nick Horton to produce a kick ass online coaching service, Weightlifting Academy and Weightlifting Academy Mastermind.

Listen in as we discuss weightlifting, motherhood, coaching, gender in the fitness industry and her own personal journey through strength and fitness. To listen, CLICK HERE! To download, right click and “Save As.” To watch the video, GO HERE! Also, look for us on SoundCloud.

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