Isaac Wilkins

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Today’s War Stories interview is with gym owner and coach Isaac Wilkins. Isaac owns Relentless Strength Training in Maine. He is also the author of one of the best online fitness products available, The Athlete Reborn. I relate very much to Isaac, we come from similar worlds and have faced similar struggles. Much like me, strength and fitness became the foundation of his rebirth and the fuel for his ascent. To listen to his interview, go HERE. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Outlaw Strongman

Today, I am sore. Very, very sore. But with that soreness comes a sense of satisfaction and achievement that renders the soreness kinda funny. I bitch and grouse as I move to the floor like some ancient water buffalo, trying to foam roll and stretch the soreness away, but really I’m laughing about it all. The positive feelings override any discomfort. On Saturday I was in Cleveland, Tennessee at my buddy Larry Berry’s gym. He was hosting our mutual friend, Chris Dwelle, and his Outlaw Strongman seminar. Outlaw Strongman is Chris’s baby. He created a complete system, from training to… Read More »

A Practical Guide to Unleashing Your Own Personal Power

So, I can hear you saying, “Okay Dave, you’ve spent the last few weeks telling me how great I am and going on about my ‘perfect imperfection’ but I’m not feeling it. What practical advice do you have? What can I DO?” I’m so glad you asked. The first step to unleashing your own personal power is to recognize that you have it. That sounds like a total jip, right? It’s like saying the only way to be powerful is have power, but you already are powerful, you just don’t know it yet. How? Consider, while you may not be… Read More »

Election Hangover Over?

Now that we’re two days past the election, has your euphoria/depression faded? Has your life returned to normal? Are your thoughts and preoccupations back to ground level and the immediacy of where you are? In my world I have a wide and diverse collection of friends and associates who fall all across the wide spectrum of social, political and religious thought. I’ve heard much chatter from both sides, those made happy by the outcome and those who are convinced we’re going to hell in a hand basket. Here in Alabama I have friends greatly upset by the election of Judge… Read More »

Matt Wichlinski

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Now that the election is over and the forces of Good, or Evil (depending on your perspective), have triumphed, it’s time sit back and listen (or download for later convenience) the latest episode of War Stories: Tales from the Front. Today’s interview is Matt Wichlinksi, a true Mental Meathead, and one of the most dynamic and influential coaches in fitness today. Matt is a coach’s coach. He distills fitness and strength training knowledge into an ambrosia of pure gold and shares it with us. Today’s nugget is a full hour long conversation on fitness, the industry, and… Read More »

Election, Schmelection

Today is election day. It’s the day that all the hype and hoopla of the past six or eight months reaches a powerful crescendo. The better part of the nation will spend the evening glued to their favorite sources of (mis)information waiting breathlessly on the final results of this the “most important election of our time.” But isn’t that what they said last time? And the time before that? In November of 1988, George H. W. Bush (the first one) was elected President. As a young, idealistic and politically active junior in high school I was convinced it was the… Read More »