Steven Ashton

  Yesterday, I announced the launch of a new project, War Stories: Tales from the Front. This is an attempt to share the stories of people who have influenced me or made me sit up and take notice. My intention is draw from all walks of life and showcase a wide variety of people. The common theme is that these are people who have faced life head-on – and are still around to talk about it. I want to showcase the struggles that are found in all our lives; and the beauty and strength found in those who’ve made the… Read More »

Guest Post — Rebecca Dobrinski

Hey there , Today I want to share with you a guest post written by tribe member Rebecca Dobrinski.  Rebecca is a regular in our kick boxing class and has provided me with the rare opportunity of allowing someone else to sing my praises. I am Still Learning That’s the interesting thing about life: we (hopefully) continue to learn. Whether it is a small fact or a new skill, we are presented with a wide variety of learning opportunities on a daily basis. I do my best to take advantage of these opportunities whenever they present themselves. It was with… Read More »