I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on yesterday’s post. Gary Larrison, a fellow Underground Strength Coach said this, I believe that it is up to the grass root movement which I believe to be growing and spreading more quickly and readily than we know. It will take time, but we did not wind up in this “mess” over night, so we do our best, let that stand for what is truthful as we know it and keep on marching. Gary is a fellow physical culturalist, it’s clear from his email that he supports movement and exploration as… Read More »

First, Seek to Understand…

“First. seek to understand, then to be understood.” Oh, this is a good one. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Tennessee with family. My cousin-in-law, Gary, had suffered a brain hemorrhage from an aneurysm several weeks ago. On Saturday friends and family got together to host a spaghetti supper to raise money for my cousin and help mitigate some of the financial costs of this hardship. As you can imagine, I had my issues with the whole idea of a spaghetti supper. The concept of a carb laden sugar fest whose primary purpose was to alleviate health care costs struck… Read More »

Of Camels, Devils, and Swagger

I found this quote in my inbox this morning. It was from a “Quote of the Day” email I get from Philip Cardwell and it seemed very much in keeping with my message of your perfect imperfection. “Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump; you may be freeing him from being a camel.” G. K. Chesterton It reminded me of one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite musicians, Tom Waits. “If I exorcise my devils Well my angels may leave too When they leave they’re so hard to find” Tom Waits, Please Call… Read More »

Steven Ashton

  Yesterday, I announced the launch of a new project, War Stories: Tales from the Front. This is an attempt to share the stories of people who have influenced me or made me sit up and take notice. My intention is draw from all walks of life and showcase a wide variety of people. The common theme is that these are people who have faced life head-on – and are still around to talk about it. I want to showcase the struggles that are found in all our lives; and the beauty and strength found in those who’ve made the… Read More »

War Stories: Tales from the front

Today I am super excited. This is the day I announce the launch of a new program here at Agoge Fitness Systems. It’s a bit of a departure from what you might expect from a gym. However, if you’ve followed me for a while it’s really no surprise. Today I launch War Stories: Tales from the Front. This is a collection of interviews with people I admire and respect. I took the name Agoge for my business because of the history of the word. In ancient Greece, the agoge was the school all Spartan youth attended to learn their respective… Read More »

Destiny’s Manifesto

Over the past few days I’ve been writing the biographical part of what will become my manifesto. It’s a useful exercise in that it achieves two goals. It shows you where you’ve been and it shows you what matters most. What matters most defines your core values. Your core values are the compass by which you navigate life. Being clear about those values is helpful, especially when wading through the murky and unclear waters that often comprise our lives “right now.” Hindsight is good but only after the fact and in the midst of a struggle a sense of bearing… Read More »

Warrior Dash, 2012

Hey there , This past Saturday I drove north of Birmingham to the outskirts of Warrior, Alabama with my family and two intrepid tribe members to participate in this year’s Warrior Dash. The Warrior Dash is a 5k obstacle course/mud run, this year’s emphasis was clearly on the mud. For Ned, Paula and I this race was a good two years in the making. We had originally intended to run in 2011 in Tennessee but our plans fell through. Actually, I dropped the ball. I had gone so far as to set up a training session on Saturdays several months… Read More »

Lao Who?

Hey there , So, it should be obvious to you now that I am taking a new tact in our discussions. You have, undoubtedly, noticed certain changes in the tone of what I write, my subject matter, and, most obviously, in my closing. For some time I have signed off with the simple phrase, “Stay strong.” I used this because I wanted to leave you with the subtle reminder that you already are strong and it was my job just to remind you of it and encourage you to explore it. Since I returned from St. Petersburg, we’ve been exploring… Read More »

I Was A College Dropout

Hey there , I never graduated college. I had every intention of doing so when I started out. In fact I was what my wife affectionately refers to as a “schoolie.” I finished high school near the top of my class, with an “Advanced” diploma, AP classes, college credit and a solid GPA. My first college class was Sociology 101. I took it from 8 to 12 on Saturdays, the second semester of my senior year. I entered college a member of the school’s Honors Program, again pursuing an advanced degree. I was a History major. There was only one… Read More »

“Everything Happens for a Reason”

Hey there, On Friday I shared a bit of my history and that pivotal moment in my life when I decided to stop using drugs. There is a cliché that’s often bandied about in self-help and get-off-your-ass-and-do-something circles and that is, “Everything happens for a reason.” What we most often take from this is that there is some divine plan at work; that we are a part of a bigger scheme devised by God, or the Universe, or whatever name you choose to describe the force that drives what we know as reality. There’s comfort in the idea that someone… Read More »