Larry Berry

Welcome to another edition of Mental Meat Heads. Today we have my good friend, Larry Berry. Larry lives and works in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His primary job is Director of Plant Operations at Lee University, but not being one to sit on his ass and coast with just one job, Larry is also responsible for the fitness aspect of the health and wellness program that Lee offers to students , faculty, and staff. Larry is no stranger to the process of transformation. While living in Chicago he trained and competed in powerlifting. After moving to Chattanooga, away from his family and… Read More »

WIlliam Lafleur

Happy Wednesday, ever’body! Today I’m bringing you an interview with William “Bad Mofo” Lafleur. William is one of the many top notch coaches to come out of Zach Even-Esh’s Underground Strength Coach certifications. We met last year at Zach’s Underground Strength Conference in New Jersey. At an age when most of us (well, me anyway) were busy “chasing tail” or the next big thrill, William is changing lives and making a real, positive impact on his community. At 21, William is the proud owner of his own gym, Primal Athletic Development, in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Listen in as we discuss training,… Read More »

Tamara Reynolds

What up everybody! As promised, today I’m bringing you my other weightlifting coach and the founder of Asheville Strength and Conditioning (remember, the conditioning is silent), Tamara Reynolds. If right now, you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought it was Tamara Cohen.” It was. And now it’s changed. Deal with it. 🙂 Tamara is a powerhouse. On her way back from a knee injury, she’s already squatting weights that question my notions of my own abilities, and I easily outweigh her by 100 pounds. Needless to say, having her as coach is a tremendous inspiration and a swift kick in the pants.… Read More »

Nick Horton

Happy Wednesday. Today’s interview is Nick Horton, formally of Portland, Oregon now residing in Asheville, North Carolina and forming half of the dynamic duo that runs Asheville Strength and Conditioning (the conditioning is silent). FULL CONFESSION: I didn’t know who Nick was. Chip Conrad suggested I contact him for an interview. You guys know how highly I regard Chip, so if he thought Nick was good people that was enough for me. Turns out Nick runs a prolific blog The Iron Samurai and is a successful Internet entrepreneur. Needless to say, I was highly impressed. So much so that within a… Read More »

Allyson Goble

I love Wednesdays. Today, I’m bringing you another trainer from from our fair cousins at Bodytribe up in Sacramento, California. Meet Allyson Goble. Allyson is an artist. No, really. She’s even got art school cred and a number of shows under her belt. In addition to being a REAL artist her skills in the gym qualify her for this adjective as well. Allyson is a movement specialist, she’s a technician and her visual skills offer her the unique ability to see movement clearly and to understand movement and especially the issues her clients might be struggling with. If that isn’t cool enough,… Read More »

Jedd Johnson

Meet Jedd Johnson. Jedd is a FIVE time world record holder in grip sport, specifically in the pinch. He currently holds the number two position in the Two Handed Pinch Dead Lift, set in 2011 with 121.65 kg (that’s 267.33 pounds!) He’s been published in My Mad Methods, Men’s Fitness, and Experience Life. He’s also one of the founders of the Diesel Crew (along with Jim “Smitty” Smith) and a highly successful Internet entrepreneur. He runs a top notch membership site that offers cutting edge information and techniques to enhance every training program and has several strength oriented products available through the… Read More »

Callie Durbrow

Happy Wednesday! Today’s interview is Level II Underground Strength Coach and the owner of Durbrow Performance Training in Boston, Massachusetts, Callie Durbrow. This is truly a trainer’s interview so, if you’re in the business pay close attention. First off, if you’re a coach, Callie has a new product launching this week Complex Conditioning – Barbells. This is a great guide for implementing barbell complexes into your client’s and small group’s routines. Complexes are a great way to get a lot of work in in a short time. Callie builds them beautifully and there are over thirty different complexes to choose… Read More »

Andrea Walker

Meet Andrea Walker, local Birminghamian, marketing executive, Crossfit enthusiast, yoga instructor and the brains and passion behind a new fitness software package targeting people’s motivation through a more thorough assessment of where they are based on who they are, aptly named Fit-ability. Listen in as we discuss fitness, motivation, inspiration and Little House on the Prairie. To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE! To download, right click and ‘Save As.’ To watch the video GO HERE! To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Kevin Sheerin

Say hello to my good friend and fellow Strengthology Coach Kevin Sheerin. Kevin lives in Dublin, Ireland and for a young man of 24 years has seen quite a bit of life. Before getting himself into fitness Kevin was a career poker player who played for BIG stakes. The downside of this is that in order to be successful he had to spend all day most days sitting in front of his computer, playing cards. That meant a very sedentary lifestyle and diet consistent of almost exclusively fast food, most often delivery. After reaching a crisis point with his weight… Read More »

Khaled Elmasri

Meet Khaled.  Khlaled is is a trainer and the fitness manager of a 24 Hour Fitness just outside of San Francisco, California. In addition to managing a gi-normous facility (60,000 sq feet) and a full stable of trainers (20+) Khaled is putting together a workshop, the NorCal Fitness Summit, on October 26 and 27th. Listen in as we discuss training, leadership, personal development, what it’s like to be a big guy in the fitness industry and gain an even deeper understanding about what constitutes country music. To listen in, CLICK HERE! To download, right click and ‘Save As.’ To watch GO… Read More »

Christopher Lopez

Christopher Lopez, AKA “The Jersey Beast,” is passionate about his work. One of the many Underground Strength coaches inspired and motivated by Zach Even-Esh, he sees his mission as more than just producing better athletes or helping adults meet fitness goals. Chris’s mission is to have an impact and show each of the kids who walks through his door just how capable they really are and to arm them with the confidence to make something out of that capability. Listen in as we wax poetic about strength, training, young athletes, potential and the true hazards of the Smith machine. To… Read More »

Eric Hulse

Yes, Eric Hulse IS Elliott Hulse’s younger brother, and now that that’s said, that’s all we’re gonna say about that. Except that, like his brother, Eric is poised to make a significant impact in the health and fitness world. Eric’s focus on health, strength, fitness and well, wellness centers around it’s foundation, nutrition, but nutrition in a way you might not have considered before. Consider, your body is affected by everything you put in it. Not so radical, right? We all know we are what we eat. But consider this: We intake more than just food — thoughts, ideas, impressions,… Read More »