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Yesterday, I announced the launch of a new project, War Stories: Tales from the Front. This is an attempt to share the stories of people who have influenced me or made me sit up and take notice. My intention is draw from all walks of life and showcase a wide variety of people. The common theme is that these are people who have faced life head-on – and are still around to talk about it.

I want to showcase the struggles that are found in all our lives; and the beauty and strength found in those who’ve made the choice not to lay down and let it wash all over them, but who stood and persevered. In short, these are the stories of warriors.

The first interview I’ve uploaded is with Steven Ashton.

Steven is a quiet, unassuming man. His humility is one of his most apparent, and noble, traits. Even though, he’s a bit reticent to “toot his own horn” Steven was very open and engaging.

Aside from a few moments of technical difficulty, I thought the interview was a huge success. Steven has much to share and his experiences; from losing his father at an early age to his time in the military, including service during the first Gulf War; marriage, then divorce, then remarriage; having small children when he’s over 50; are stories we all can learn from.

To my mind, what’s most relevant about Steven is his spirit. He’s called me a “kindred spirit” and from a man of such gentle demeanor and quiet strength, that is the ultimate compliment.

To listen to Steven’s interview simply go HERE. You can listen directly from the web or download the file to your favorite listening device and take it with you.


And as always, to our perfect imperfection,


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