Sara Gustafson Eye

Sara Gustafson Eye


Meet Sara Gustafson Eye. Sara is a holistic health consultant in Austin, Texas.

What, you ask, is a holistic health consultant? In short, Sara is a fitness trainer but her interest goes much further than how many pounds you want to lose or what size your waist band is. Sara’s interest is in your health. All of it. How well do you sleep? What’s your stress like? Are your hormones balanced? How’s your lipid profile? How well are you living this thing we call life?

Listen in as we discuss the importance of all of the above and how it fits in with parenthood, running a fitness business and overall all how we as humans get better at being human. To listen, CLICK HERE. To download, right click and “Save As.” To watch the video, GO HERE and well, HERE…we had a few technical issues. Sorry about that.


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