Ryan Magin

Ryan Magin

In the past week or so since I recorded this week’s interview I have had three separate conversations with guys concerned over “just not feeling as manly as they once did.”

During that same period I saw this article and an accompanying documentary discussing how our modern lifestyles are robbing of us of our manhood.

Now having grown up in a feminist household with mothers more than a little bitter over “typical males” and the over abundance of too much testosterone in our lives I have to admit getting stuck a little over writing the above sentence. After all I think there’s an undercurrent meme in our society now that too much manliness is a bad thing and that lower levels of testosterone across the board makes society a better place.

Except, it doesn’t.

One of the things I’ve learned as I’ve grown into my own sense of what it means to be a man is that all the things my mothers and their peers railed against were the work of weak men. As I’ve studied and embraced strength in my life I’ve learned that that strength does not exploit, weakness does. Strength has no reason to. It lives in abundance and when you have more than enough you’re more than willing to share.

The acts of aggression and violence so often attributed to too much testosterone are, I think, the acts of those desperate to preserve what little they have. It’s all bluster. Just an attempt to reassure that “I still have it.” By contrast, if you know you have it, there’s nothing to prove.

Enter Ryan Magin.

Ryan is a close friend Elliott Husle’s and a regular at Strength Camp in St. Petersburg, Forida. Ryan and several of the men in his family have suffered from a low levels of testosterone. As a young man he watched as his father went on prescribed supplemental testosterone and made an early decision that he would not be yoked to a doctor’s office and regular injections.

This year as he turned thirty he began to notice a slight increase in the symptoms of low testosterone, general lethargy, a tougher time recovering from hard workouts, an increase in colds and a harder time losing extra body fat. Knowing that as he got older these symptoms would only get worse he resolved to do something about it. As one who solely makes his living from online marketing and the internet he set to work and began his research poring over all the available material. What resulted is a new informational product, 101 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally.

Listen in as we talk salesmanship, training, online marketing and business and the launch of his newest product, 101 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally.

To listen to our conversation GO HERE. To watch the video on YouTube click below.

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