Rob Hudson

Rob Hudson


Hello Everybody! We’re back. I apologize for the break in postings. I had not anticipated the house we were renting at the beach for our family vacation had no Internet. That proved both a blessing and a curse, but now rested, tanned and ready I’m back on course and bringing you this week’s interview.

Meet Rob Hudson. Rob owns Fitness by Design in Indianapolis, Indiana, the home of this year’s Mental Meat Heads 2 Symposium. Rob is a thirty year veteran of the fitness industry having started his personal training business back in the early 80’s. He now owns his own 10K square foot facility (he even owns the building!) and is the forefront of fitness in Indianapolis.

Listen in as we discuss business, changes in the industry, keeping your business alive over the long term and Mental Meat Heads. CLICK HERE! to listen. To download, right click and “Save As.”

Don’t forget! Mental Meat Heads 2 is September 21 and 22. Space is limited, SIGN UP NOW!

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