Outlaw Strongman

Today, I am sore.

Very, very sore.

But with that soreness comes a sense of satisfaction and achievement that renders the soreness kinda funny. I bitch and grouse as I move to the floor like some ancient water buffalo, trying to foam roll and stretch the soreness away, but really I’m laughing about it all. The positive feelings override any discomfort.

On Saturday I was in Cleveland, Tennessee at my buddy Larry Berry’s gym. He was hosting our mutual friend, Chris Dwelle, and his Outlaw Strongman seminar.

Outlaw Strongman is Chris’s baby. He created a complete system, from training to competition rules, for bringing the sport of strongman to the masses.

Most of us have at least a passing acquaintance with strongman competitions like The World’s Strongest Man. We may not know who the major players are but we’ve passed it on ESPN while flipping through the channels. These are the events where giant men move thousands of pounds. It’s so freakishly extreme that most of us can’t even comprehend and just move on.

Outlaw Strongman is an attempt to bring strongman to everyman (or woman.) Seeing the fallacy of weight classes, Chris created divisions based on ability. The purpose of his seminars are two fold, first to train people in the basic events of strongman competition but also to train coaches for his system.

This weekend I was certified as one of the first Outlaw Strongman coaches and my facility is now a testing facility for future Outlaw Strongman competitors. Based on Chris’s system I am now able to certify competitors for one of seven strength classes for competition. In this system there’s a place for everyone from the rank beginner to the seasoned veteran.

After the workshop the three of us had to lift. There’s something really special about lifting with good friends like Chris and Larry. I set personal records in every lift, from the Fat Bar Deadlift to the Tire Flip to the Log Press.

On Sunday, Chris came down to Birmingham and we lifted on Monday, again I set a new PR this time in the Farmer’s Deadlift – hence, the soreness. The warm glow of achievement far outstrips any discomfort and lasts much longer.

If you’re interested in tasting that glow yourself, hit me up. There’s an Outlaw Strongman class built just for you and I’d be happy to get you started.

To our perfect imperfection,


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