New Cycle

This week start’s the mark of a new cycle for our Progressive Strength Training classes.

While the weather here tends to be a little slow making the change, summer temperatures carry on well into October, the days are getting shorter and we are beginning to shift out of summer mode. Our workouts this cycle will reflect that change.

As the weather, eventually, begins to cool off, we’ll naturally begin prepping for winter. Without thinking about it, we’ll start consuming more calories and putting on winter weight. Rather than fight that natural inclination, we’re going to work with it and channel those calories into muscle mass rather than fat.

We have four workouts this cycle and we’ll move from one to the next every two days. This way everybody, regardless of how many days a week they train, will get a chance to experience all the workouts. Each one has a particular emphasis:

Workout A Squats and creating tension in the upper back

Workout B Bench Press and hamstring strength

Workout C Deadlift and core tension

Workout D Pull Ups, more hamstring work and deadlift form work

Additionally, we’ll be hitting the kettlebells extra hard. The belt testing we’ll be doing in November includes an endurance section with kettlebells. This extra work will not only allow us to dial in and perfect our technique but build our endurance and cardiovascular strength as well.

I’m very excited about sharing this new cycle with you. There are several new exercises that are variations on themes we already know, but the new flavor will challenge us in new ways building both strength and ability. It's also time to change up the warm up, so be ready for new exercises there as well.

To our perfect imperfection,


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