Mental Meat Heads 8: Back in Birmingham!

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Mental Meat Heads is back in Birmingham, Alabama!


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What is Mental Meat Heads?

Mental Meat Heads is a loose confederation of like minded fitness professionals and enthusiasts hell bent on improving the status quo of the fitness industrial complex.We’re dedicated to bringing out the best our industry has to offer.

We seek change. Real, honest to goodness change — in our clients, in ourselves and in our industry.

We understand first hand how empowering strength and fitness can be, how the gains in the gym transfer to gains in life, and how empowered citizens make for empowered communities and how these make a better, happier, more peaceful world.

Our goal is transformation. It’s what we all want, we just take it a step further than the slimmer waist and bigger biceps the industry seems so myopically fixated on.

We all want to look better.

Physical appearance is a vital component of our human experience, but it’s not the only one.

In our mad dash to look better, be sexier, and reap all the benefits of an improved appearance we forgot something. Appearance is a by-product of something deeper — health. Our health is dependent on many different factors, physical, mental, emotional. These factors are only slightly affected by the size our waist or the girth of our biceps.

It’s funny because the industry as whole, has it almost right — almost. Your time in the gym can and will improve your appearance. We know that’s not all there is to be gained, though. Gym time can improve not just your looks, but your outlook as well. We focus on ability because as we’ve seen time and time again,

The more you can, the more you do. In the end, appearance takes care of itself.

Doing is a crucial part of our existence. We do for ourselves, we do for each other. As we do, we gain a sense of our usefulness.

group7Are you useful?

It’s a funny question. But when you look at it you see how important it is to our overall health. We’re social animals. We need to be involved. Our confidence and, ultimately, our happiness are highly dependent on our usefullness. Do we count? Do our actions matter?

The more vital we are to our community or tribe the better we feel about ourselves and about those we’re involved with. Ability is the shortest road to feeling of value.

How is all of this possible from just exercising a few hours every week?

It all starts with mindset. We employ a special, non-proprietary alchemy of Intensity, Consistency and Purpose. With strength as our focus, we delve deep into achieving a profound level of transformation by pursuing empowerment through movement.

What is a Mental Meat Heads Workshop?

In Mental Meat Heads workshops we show you, hands on, how to embody grace, strength and intensity.

We preach better before more and show you how to take not only your performance but your involvement in and the enjoyment of your performance to better, higher places. All in all, it’s a pretty cool ride.

Over the course of the day we will:

  • Master the foundational movements of Stand, Get Up, Crawl, Fall, and Flow.
  • Learn how to implement these movement patterns with various tools, including but not limited to: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, clubbells, sandbags, and, of course, YOU!
  • Learn the art of Chunking in movement. How to take basic skills and to combine them into patterns that create skills, working from the simple to the complex.
  • Gain a sense of autonomy over our own movement. Free ourselves from the compulsion of certifications and proprietary movement patterns. Take control of our own movement and gain the confidence to explore on our own.
  • Discuss and explore why all of this matters and how important it is to a fully expressed existence.

There is no reason not to be strong.

But let’s do it right. Come explore the program design of the holistic athlete.

A switch is flipped, sometime in our lives, where movement turns from joy to obligation, from recess to a workout. Movement, which was the territory of the body, switches to the territory of the brain. The bummer is that movement then switches from being a tension release valve to being just another stress. It becomes a time, a place, a schedule, a routine, a class, an exercise.

What if we brought it back to being a celebration of motion, letting the body do, learn and be?

If our brains have been successful wrapping themselves around the structured adult world of the modern workout, fear not! Successful play is served best from a foundation of structure. We can train for recess. In fact, the categorical protocols from all the years, studies and bodies that have created the shifting world of training science still have a role in play. So do our favorite tools.

This workshop is full of intensity, play, movement, barbells, kettlebells and so much more.

Presenting for Mental Meat Heads 8

Chip 2014Chip Conrad

Chip Conrad is the founder of Bodytribe Fitness, the West Coast hub of the Physical Sub-Culture, a quiet conglomeration of dedicated folk propelled by embracing the joy of life through strength, and who have found that better choices today bring more choices tomorrow.

Competitive weight lifter, savior of strays, powerlifter, historian of Physical Culture, West Coast Punk enthusiast, haole, movement specialist and generalist, Chip is the author of countless articles, blogs and a ‘must-have’ addition to your lifting library, Lift with Your Head.

He’s also produced some DVDs. most recently being a workshop co-taught by Dan John. A thinking man’s meat head, Chip has had the honor of working with and training under some of the greatest lifter’s in U.S. History including Mel Siff, Tommy Kono, Jim Schmitz, Dan John, and Jan and Terry Todd. Chip lives and trains in Sacramento, California with a merry band of dedicated misfits and his rescued pitbull, Scarlet.

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Mental Meat Heads 8 is hosted by:

Agoge Fitness Systems
3020 4th Avenue, South
Birmingham, Alabama 35233

Register Now

We’re offering instruction over the course of three days:

Friday, January 16, 2015: Join us for a Friday evening of Odd Lifts. We’ll look into some of the grande ol’ lifting techniques of yore and see if they have anything to add to our training.

Saturday, January 17, 2015: A day of physical and metaphysical exploration as we delve into not only movement, but some of its whys and what that means for you.

Sunday, January 18, 2015: We’ll play Hot Lava Tag, Mas Wrestle, or set up an obstacle course for Pirate Ninja Training. Whatever we do we’ll find new and exciting ways to put all that movement prep we do into practice. After all what’s the use of learning how to move better if you never get out there and move?

The Whole Enchilada — Friday, January 16 – Sunday, January 18, 2015: Every single minute of all the lifting, learning, and play that is Mental Meat Heads 8.


January 16, 5pm – 7pm

$49 $39

discounted through 1/1/15

Odd Lifts

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January 17, 10am – 5pm

$249 $199

discounted through 1/1/15

Main Workshop

[product id=”1937″]



January 18, 1pm – 5pm

$99 $79

discounted through 1/1/15

In Practice

[product id=”1950″]


Friday – Sunday

January 16 – 18

$329 $299

discounted through 1/1/15

The Whole Enchilada

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