Mental Meat Heads 2


Hoo boy. This just might be a mistake. This was supposed to be a joint interview with Jason C. Brown and Chip Conrad, a slick marketing ploy to help promote our upcoming workshop, Mental Meat Heads 2, September 21 and 22, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It would probably be better titled Laugh Track with Three Goobs. If we’re lucky there’s some intelligible material here, after all we are pros and really good at what we do. But the thing is whenever the three of us get together we just end up having so much fun. Which is exactly what you’ll be doing too if you happen to join us on the 21st and 22nd.

Somehow we all got this idea that fitness has to be all aggressive and super serious. Why can’t you laugh and have a good time, too?

Rest assured despite our goofball antics in this video we are super serious when in comes to form and technique. There is a right way and wrong way and we’re very clear about which is which. We just also know that along the way there’s a ton of fun to be had. And we’re going to share us much as we can. Join us.

To listen CLICK HEREo download right click and “Save As.” To get the full experience, to see Chip’s wardrobe changes, and more than one nipple slip watch the video below.

To our perfect imperfection,


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