Member Highlight: Robbie Morgan

If you haven't already, meet Robbie Morgan. Robbie started training with us way back in April of 2013. At present, he and his wife, Jana, are early morning regulars. They can be found in the gym in the 6 am hour Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They're in Jimmy's Boxing classes on Monday and Friday and the Progressive Strength Training class on Wednesdays.

Robbie has been an ardent supporter of Agoge Fitness Systems for quite a few years. Here's our interview:

Hey Robbie, wanna do the AFS Member Highlight with me this week?

I'm always ready to help out the people and place that helped me be a better me. Sure thing, Dave. Anytime, man.

Let's start with a few bio questions. Age? Martial status? Family? (size and immediate members)

I am 44 years old. My wife Jana and I have been married for 20 years now and we have one 13 year old daughter. We also have two cats, Spike and Drusilla, and a big empty hole in our house where our Golden Retriever, Adie, used to be.


I work for a small electronics manufacturing business for a wage. I hold a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design and I love art and making things.

Editor's Note: Robbie is responsible for the design of our current business cards and for that of the tattoo Jimmy wears on his right forearm commemorating his son, Zachary Cuneo.

Now for the more personal. What's your proudest accomplishment?

It is hard to nail down just one. Mainly because I cannot think of any single large accomplishment, but of many smaller accomplishments. After all, that is what makes a life, right? The multitude of small, meek accomplishments and victories that add up over a span of years to make something worthwhile. I put myself through college after high school on my own, with the aid of substantial student loans which I paid back. That made me the first member of my family to attain a 4 year degree. Took me much longer than 4 years, but I did it. I am also proud of the marriage that my wife and I have built over these past 20 years. I am proud of the wonderful human being my daughter has become and continues to grow into. Finally, I am also proud of taking charge of my health and wellness by becoming an active steward of this bodily vehicle I am stuck inside as I travel through life. Thanks to Agoge Fitness for that.

What's your biggest hurdle? The thing you struggle with the most?

Physically, I would say it is the Harrington rods that I have in my upper back from corrective scoliosis surgery when I was 18. Mostly they just limit my mobility a bit and I only seem to brush up against that wall in my boxing and strength classes. Mentally, it is procrastination. I struggle with putting things off or waiting for a better time, even though I know it is a bullshit thing to do. I know that it is always “NOW-o-clock” but I am fairly creative with blowing things off regardless.

What's your favorite food?

This is a tough one. It is hard to pin down one favorite food. I like good food, and by that I mean palatable AND healthy. If it tastes awesome and also makes me feel good for eating it, that’s a win. I can say that I love Indian cuisine, palak paneer in particular. Otherwise, I’ll eat whatever you got.

If you were stranded on a desert island, but all your physical needs were attended to, what would be the five items you'd most want with you to pass the time?

A re-curve bow and arrows, to practice my archery. Paper and graphite to write and draw. Finally, my banjo. You can’t be sad when playing a banjo. I would also really like to get into blacksmithing, but that might require more than five items just in itself. I figure I could make some kettle bells out of the coconuts so that is a given.

Who's on your Zombie Apocalypse Survival team (10 members max) and why?

This is such a huge topic and I could speak on this for days, so to make it interesting and to limit the wall of text I am going to limit myself to fictional characters and furthermore limit those to the Whedonverse (the television works of Joss Whedon, namely Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and Angel). Captain Malcolm Reynolds would head up my band, because of course he would. Zoe Washburne would be second in command. Can’t break up that team.

Every team needs muscle and that is where Jayne Cobb, Buffy Summers, and Faith come in. Kaylee Frye, because every crew needs a good mechanic. Inara Serra because I really like Morena Baccarin (Jana’s fine with it, no worries). Simon Tam, because doctor. Rupert “Ripper” Giles, and Spike “William the Bloody” round out the ten. That’s a badass roster right there.

Name a book you've read more than once, on purpose.

First one that comes to mind would be “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. That book gives me peace and cuts down on the clutter of modern life.

If you were launched on a Deep Space mission and could only listen to one album for the entirety of the trip, which one would it be?

This would be a hard decision to make but without over-thinking it I would say “Hello Nasty” by the Beastie Boys. First of all, it has “Intergalactic” on the album, and secondly, just try and be depressed while blasting the Beastie Boys at full volume. You can’t do it.

If you had to choose between the super power of flight or invisibility, which one would you choose? Why?

Flight. I tried that whole invisibility thing out in my teenage years and life is too short to shrink away from it or try to disappear. Flight is about putting yourself out there. Seeing things from different perspectives. Widening your horizon. Never shrink. Never vanish. Courage, lads.

Which are cooler, Ninjas or Pirates? Why?

This is truly one of life’s great ponderings, and I find it fitting that it follows the flight or invisibility question. In a way, the philosophy is the same. Ninjas are basically invisibility with knives. I choose Pirates. Maybe it could have something to do with my love for the series “Black Sails”. Maybe I just like wenches and rum. Maybe I dig puffy shirts and the open sea. Don’t judge. Pirates are freedom. Ninjas answer to shady overlords. A Pirates life for me.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. Real dogs. “Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are pointless.” - Ron Swanson

Paper or Kindle?

Paper is my preference for the tactile feel of reading, but Kindle for convenience. Guess it depends on if I am feeling old school or not.

If you could be one character from a TV show who would it be and why?

This answer is hard to pin down, so I am taking a page from childhood me. I used to love the show MacGyver back in the 80’s, so I would say secret agent for the Phoenix Foundation, Angus MacGyver. Solving complex problems with science and a Swiss Army Knife. I know they are planning a reboot of the series, but I also know in my heart it will be garbage.

To our perfect imperfection,


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