Matt Wichlinski

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.

Now that the election is over and the forces of Good, or Evil (depending on your perspective), have triumphed, it’s time sit back and listen (or download for later convenience) the latest episode of War Stories: Tales from the Front.

Today’s interview is Matt Wichlinksi, a true Mental Meathead, and one of the most dynamic and influential coaches in fitness today. Matt is a coach’s coach. He distills fitness and strength training knowledge into an ambrosia of pure gold and shares it with us.

Today’s nugget is a full hour long conversation on fitness, the industry, and the importance of having a philosophy of training. Matt is tremendously giving of his time and his knowledge. We could have easily spoken for multiple hours, but I have a workshop to fill and had to leave you wanting for more.

You can listen to the interview by going HERE. Remember, you can always download it to your Ipod or favorite listening device for your listening convenience later. I often listen in the car.

To you perfect imperfection,


P.S. To get some one on one time with Matt be sure to sign up for the Mental Meatheads workshop, spaces are severely limited.

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