Mace Clinkenbeard

Mace Clinkenbeard

As a writer I pay attention to names.  You might say I’m a bit of a collector.  Cool names catch my attention and I hold on to them, sometimes just to trot out and say, “Hey, have you heard this cool name?”  Mace Clinkenbeard made the short list.  Which I’m very happy about because not only does Mace have one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard, he’s also one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

Mace started his strength journey as a female athlete.  He started with basketball and moved on to shot put and hammer in high school and college.  What’s that?  Confused?  Good, you’re paying attention.

Mace is a transgender athlete.  He’s also a trainer over a Bodytribe Fitness in Sacramento.  Listen in as we discuss, strength, what it’s like to go from a record setting female athlete to an “adequate” male athlete, testosterone, acceptance, and the wild and woolly world of training athletes for Roller Derby.

To listen, CLICK HERE!  And to download, right click and ‘Save As.’

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