Life Coaching

Over the years as a gym owner and personal trainer, I've frequently found myself in the role of counselor and confidant. People seem to naturally seek me out when struggling with life issues, be they relationship, career, or just getting along in this crazy mixed up thing we call life. Life coaching, it seems, has chosen me.

While I am NOT a licensed therapist I do have a fair amount of life experience.

I've successfully managed a happy marriage of 22 years. I have raised three wonderful, healthy, highly capable daughters who are quickly moving into adulthood. I've run my own successful gym for the past ten years and worked with hundreds of clients.

No stranger to hardship, I have also managed to cope with and overcome my own highly dysfunctional childhood and negotiate the best possible relationships with my parents as an adult. I nursed my father through his fight with cancer and his ultimate passing. I've fought with and overcome addiction.

I know first hand the highs and lows that life can offer and I'm willing to share that experience with you. If you're struggling, feel like you need a helping hand, or could use a trusted advisor, reach out. Click the button below to set up a simple 30 minute consultation.

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