James Smith

James Smith

This week’s interview is James Smith.

James, formerly of Virginia, lives and works in Hawaii, with his wife and two boys. A work from home dad, James homeschools both the boys and maintains an active schedule of training and online activism about training. He maintains his own group on Facebook, Animal Ability, and is active in many other groups including Mental Meat Heads.

James’ takes a very natural, holisitc approach to training combining, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, flow movements and martial arts. Listen in as we discuss his training, fitness past 50, Paleo eating, martial arts and raising a family in the natural paradise of Hawaii.

To listen simply CLICK HERE! To download the audio file, right click and “Save As.” To watch the video on YouTube, GO HERE.

If you’re interested in a more natural approach to your training consider checking out the Mental Meat Heads 2 Workshop and Symposium September 21 and 22 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Chip Conrad and Jason C. Brown will be presenting.

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