Into the Woods

Now that I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a mouth breather. I've begun to implement a plan to correct and improve upon my situation. In a previous post, I mentioned that I was running again. The problem is that my running, for now, requires mouth breathing, which is over breathing which lowers CO2 tolerance which encourages moth breathing...I tell you, these vicious cycles are everywhere. It's downright...vicious...

Enter the hike. I can walk at a pace that allows me to keep my mouth shut over the course of the entire walk (hiking sounds tougher, though, doesn't it?). Overtime I can increase my pace, taking short little jog breaks and gradually increasing them until one day I'm running again (well, at 10:33 pace, let's face it, that's a jog.)

And that's cool. Two days a week my schedule allows me to go home for a few hours in the middle of the day. I had been using that time to run with the dogs, get lunch, and take a nap. Only, if I'm gonna hike, do I want to do that on the road? What about the woods? Ruffner is near by. But it's 11 miles from the gym to my house where I'd have to go to get the dogs, then it's six miles back to Ruffner, then six miles home to drop off the dogs, and another 11 miles back to the gym. Add in the time for my actual hike and where is the time for my nap? No, that won't do. Sorry, Ruffner.

Hounds of Love

One of the joys of living in Alabama is that we have lots of woods. One of the joys of living in my neighborhood is that we have lots of woods - and they're all around my house. In fact there's a neglected trail that's about 1/2 a mile from the house that runs down to and alongside the Cahaba River (which is really more of a giant creek as far as rivers go, but it's still nice.) And it's from walking this neglected trail that an idea hit upon me. What if I ran a trail from my house down to the river? The current trail, as it runs now, is half a mile long.  It runs straight down to the river and then parallels it until it hits a power line. That's 1/2 mile. So down and back on the trail is one mile. I could run a new trail that, due to topography and the general rules of not being a douche to nature, will be at least 3/4 of a mile. The current trail will need some re-routing and erosion abatement which could extend the trail perhaps another 1/4 mile. When all is said and done we could end up with a trail at least a mile and a half in length, leading to a 3 mile or better loop. And that my friends is a 5k!

So that's what I'm gonna do. And I've already started. I'm using my "run time" to take the dogs into the woods to lay out and establish a trail that will eventually lead to more hiking and finally running, er jogging. And you know what? I'll be breathing through my nose the entire time. I'll post pictures and updates to keep you abreast of my progress and keep me on task. Here's one of my wife, my partner in crime, and my lovely assistant, Samantha.


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