Influence, Both Early and Late

When I began my career as a trainer and a coach I quickly became enamored with the kettlebell. It was a simple tool that lent itself to a tremendous amount of versatility and creativity. In the end it was this basic need to break out of the confines of machine based training that led me to create my own space, which then became my own gym and ultimately led to the Mental Meat Heads movement.

One of my earliest influences was Jason C. Brown. Jason was an early adopter of the power of YouTube and used this medium to great effect in sharing his knowledge. As neophyte I had limited funds to spend and Jason’s willingness to share his bountiful knowledge freely was, admittedly, a strong motivator.

As time went on and I began to search further for more information I found myself coming back to Jason’s work, time and again. I quickly realized he was one of the most qualified kettlebell instructors out there and was struck by how lucky I was to have found his work so early on.

Here is one of the first videos I found from Jason. It remains to this day a strong influence on how I teach the kettlebell snatch.

Jason has been a big influence on Mental Meat Heads, as well. I was honored when he agreed to come to Birmingham last January to present at our first Mental Meat Heads Symposium and I’m equally excited that he is presenting this September in Indianapolis at Mental Meat Heads 2.

Beyond just kettlebells Jason is a physical poet. His interests are wide and his knowledge deep. His latest passion is the concept of Blissipline, the idea that pleasure is the surest road to success. This stands in sharp contrast to the current trend that says harder is better and impossible is best. Jason teaches that with a more playful approach we find ourselves working harder but enjoying it immensely more and that in turn carries us to greater efforts and abilities.

Come join us, September 21 and 22nd in Indianapolis for the second installment of the Mental Meat Heads Symposiums, CLICK HERE! It’s true that Jason is very giving with his teachings and much can be gleaned for free off the internet, but I guarantee you it’s nothing compared to what can be learned at the feet of the master.

Jason will be presenting alongside Chip Conrad (more on Chip in another post) in what will prove to be one of the most dynamic and influential workshops of the year. Don’t miss this chance to take your business or training to the next level.

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