Fixing What’s Wrong with the Fitness Industry

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If you’re a part of my gym or have been on this list for any length of time, you know I’m a huge promoter of my good friend and fellow movement enthusiast, Chip Conrad. Chip really is my brother from another mother.

Over the past few years we’ve gone from hosting him and his workshops here at Agoge Fitness Systems to hosting workshops together all across the country. Chip and I combined are the force that spearheads Mental Meat Heads.

One of the many things that we try to promote thorugh Mental Meat Heads is something that we feel the fitness industry as a whole doesn’t do very well. And that is to embrace the 85%.

What is the 85%?

It is generally thought, throughout the industry, that only 15% of our American population is involved in some way with fitness and exercise. That’s it and that covers the gamut of fitness and exercise from yoga and jazzercise all the way to marathon runners and powerlifters. That means 85% of our population is completely missed, and not becasue they don’t know about the benefits of exercise. That’s been covered. Everyone knows they need to exercise. But for some reason, they don’t.

That’s one of the things we want to fix.

​Chip has made a bold step in that direction. He’s launched a new video series, inspired by members of his own family, for those of us new to fitness and exercise and not sure where to begin. I highly reccommend you check it out, if not for you then for one of them many people you know and love who would benefit from a little more movement in their lives. It’s a little on the long side, 21 minutes or so, so make sure you’ve got a warm beverage handy. You can view it HERE.

​If you are a fitness professional, or an enthusisast looking to enhance you own enjoyment, consider checking out our Mental Meat Heads workshops.

One of the chief barriers members of the 85% find transistioning to the 15% is that nobody is talking to them. Members of the 15%, especially those of us who consider themselves professionals, are very adept at speaking to other members of the 15%. We post tons of videos showing off our latest skills and tricks. And while all of that is well and good, it also serves to alienate a large number of people who instantly think, “Oh, I could never do that.”

When in truth we know something that they don’t. That cool trick or video? That was the result of progressions, a long road of learning and developing that took basic movements and skills and once mastered slowly combined them into ever increasing levels of complexity. So, yes, you can do that, but only if you’re afforded the same opportunities.

Mental Meat Heads workshops open that door.

We want to open the door for movement potential for everyone. These events are open to both professionals and enthuisiasts regardless of experience or ability. Often we find seasoned veterans working alongside absolute newbies and everyone walks away enriched.

Our next event is January 17th at Agoge Fitness Systems in Birmingham, Alabama. The main workshop is Saturday and we’ve added a mini workshop on Friday evening and Fun Day at the gym on Sunday. I hope you’ll consider joining us for some or all of the fun.

​For more information, or to register, GO HERE.

​To our perfect imperfection,


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