I want to thank everyone who gave me feedback on yesterday’s post.

Gary Larrison, a fellow Underground Strength Coach said this,

I believe that it is up to the grass root movement which I believe to be growing and spreading more quickly and readily than we know. It will take time, but we did not wind up in this “mess” over night, so we do our best, let that stand for what is truthful as we know it and keep on marching.

Gary is a fellow physical culturalist, it’s clear from his email that he supports movement and exploration as the key to making the most of our bodies. He appreciates hard work and realizes the benefits of consistency.

Consistency is key. It’s important to realize, when you embark on the path of self development, it never ends. The destination of improving yourself is the journey. Whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual or mental there is no point at which we’re “done.”

For those of us already on this journey that’s actually exciting. We’ve come to love the process.

For those who haven’t started yet, that’s crazy. The immediate goals of weight loss or regaining lost strength are so daunting that the idea of doing this forever without end just seems insane.

And so, they never start.

Our job then is to lead by example. Of all the leadership styles this is the most effective and also the most frustrating. Which reminds me of something Dax Moy once said about the difference between a leader and a guru. To paraphrase,

A leader is constantly looking over his shoulder, making sure he’s being followed. A guru just does his thing. If people are attracted to that and want to pay attention, that’s great. If not, well, he’s still doing his thing.

What Dax points out is a fine distinction between two very similar things.

Go ahead and be an example, just don’t worry so much about being followed, that way you can focus more on perfecting “your thing.” By virtue of your excellence you just might find yourself with followers.

Our friends and neighbors, siblings and cousins who struggle with weight and lethargy, who have lost their passion for life, are depressed. Our nation is depressed. We as a people have lost much of our fire for life.

It’s our job to reignite that fire. We can do that best by stoking our own individual blazes into bonfires.

Be your own best example.

To our perfect imperfection,


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