Devin Gage

Devin Gage

Meet Devin Gage. Simply put, Devin is one of my heroes. He’s young, just two years out of college, but he’s a single dad, with shared custody of his daughter, AND an entrepreneur. Devin owns his own gym and online coaching service Gage Strength Training.

Devin is a man of spirit, passion and commitment. Last January during Mental Meat Heads 1 Devin’s flight from Philly was cancelled due to a snowstorm. Undaunted Devin caught a flight to Atlanta early the next morning, rented a car and drove the remainder of the way from Atlanta, arriving just in time to make the second half of Saturday’s presentations.

From the photo above it’s clear to see that Devin’s priorities are well established and his motivation is clear. He applies that drive to his business and to the service he provides his clients. Listen in as we talk business, training, fatherhood, and commitment. To listen CLICK HERE! To download the audio, right click and “Save As.” To watch the video, GO HERE.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, check out Devin’s Second Annual Firefighter vs. Police Strongman Competition at

And don’t forget, time is running out to sign up for Mental Meat Heads 2. Chip Conrad and Jason C. Brown will be in Indianapolis Sept. 21 and 22. Sign up HERE.

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