mm8 copyThe Mental Meat Heads group on Facebook has been a hotbed of activity this week and it’s gotten me very excited.

At just over 700 members this group has been a labor of love for the past two and a half years. I started the group after our first Mental Meat Heads Workshop, in January, 2013. I wanted to create a forum where like minded fitness enthusiasts and professionals could share ideas, debate concepts, and, thereby, elevate the industry as a whole.

Over time our ranks have steadily increased. My partner in all of this, Chip Conrad, has been a big inlfuence and as we’ve toured the country promoting our ideas we’ve met lots of new people and invited them to join our group. Those who have liked what they’ve seen have invited their friends and our numbers continue to grow. All of which has been fabulous. We’ve increased our audience and we can share our workshops with a much wider group of people from all across the country.

But it has never been my goal that the Mental Meat Heads group be just a collection of Facebook profiles through which we could promote our events. Yes, I want more people to come to our workshops and, yes, I want to promote the workshops of those whose ideas I support, but a group that’s nothing more than workshop advertisements is a very boring group indeed.

Occassionally, I or one of a few especially vocal members would post an article and a few comments might be made. We’d crack jokes or engage in a limited witty banter, but there really wasn’t any fire. There were embers, mind you, but blow as I might I couldn’t fan them enough to catch on. I do afterall have my own business to run and if the majority of comments are mine alone then it just becomes the Dave Show and, trust me, that’s only good for one or two episodes.

But this week I saw flames. I saw debate. I saw point and counter point and it was glorious.

We argued by God. We debated in a civil manner, stating our points, and where those points had merit and substance they stood and where they did not they fell. As it should be. In the end knowledge was gained and we all, as a whole, we’re better for it.

I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a new phase of information exchange on Mental Meat Heads. I want us to be known as a tough crowd of critical thinkers, but who are fair and open minded. I want a place where I can test my own ideas, put them to the scrutiny of the group and know that that the feedback I get is honest, intellectually tested opinion and not ego amped up on ad hominem attacks in order to preserve itself. I want you to know that, too.

If you’re not already a memeber and you’d like to join a no BS group dedicated to improving our industry. Check us out HERE.

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