Dan Gibson

Wednesday is swiftly becoming my favorite day of the week. I’m quickly building a library of interviews and have streamlined my operation enough that I actually spend less time preparing them and getting them posted. I think the quality is getting better, too.

This week’s interview is with Dan Gibson of Strength Haven in Indiana. The minute I met Dan I knew this was a guy I wanted to know more about.

Dan has a quiet strength. He’s built like a barn and stands like an oak. He’s not particularly tall, just solid and you can tell everything he throws at his athlete’s he tries on himself, first.

One of the coolest things about Dan is the way he runs his business. Dan only trains athletes, which at first blush might make you think that you and I don’t have a chance, but that’s not true.

If you or I wanted to train with Dan, the first thing we would do is sit down at the computer and find an event to sign up for. A powerlifting competition, a mud run, a 5k, a one-mile fun run – it doesn’t matter what it is, it just has to be something. Once we’ve signed up, we are now athletes.

Dan believes the human body is an athletic body and thrives under athletic conditions. So, whether you’re a D-1 athlete or a 65 year old home body, the only difference is a matter of degree.

Check out the latest episode of War Stories: Tales from the Front and give Dan a listen. You can listen online or download the file to your favorite listening device HERE.

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