Sculpt your body with Progressive Strength Training

The first step to a leaner, stronger body is with strength training.

Based on your goals, each workout is carefully crafted to help you build strong, lean, toned muscles. This way, you’ll not only look stronger and sexier - it will also help you burn fat faster!

In each workout, you’ll have an expert coach teaching you the safe, effective way for doing each exercise, along with helping you select the perfect weight to challenge your body.

There’s no boring machines here - you’ll be building real-world strength that will make everything easier, from playing with your kids to moving furniture!

Burn fat (and stress!) with Warrior Strength Muay Thai

It’s no secret that cardio is key for fat loss, but let’s be honest - no one likes dragging their way through another boring workout on the treadmill!

Agoge Fitness Systems offers the only authentic Muay Thai kickboxing in Birmingham. Learn the art that helped make Thailand famous.

And while you’re learning real martial arts skills, you can rest easy knowing you're burning calories and scorching fat off your body, 

Relax, breathe deep, and get more flexible with everyBODY Yoga

While training hard is key for seeing results, recovery is just as important!

Each everyBODY yoga class is specially created to help you recover from your tough workouts so you can reduce soreness, prevent injury, and move pain-free.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, we’ll show you the ropes so you can feel confident and get the most out of every class. And if you’re already an expert, we’ll show you how to challenge yourself and master your practice.

You’ll also learn breathing and relaxation strategies that will help you instantly de-stress and get control of any situation - no matter how crazy life gets!

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