Charles Abouzied

Happy Holidays, ya’ll.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  Today I’m bringing you an interview with Charles Abouzied.  Charles runs Crossfit House of Pain up in New Jersey.  I met him last summer at the Underground Conference 2012.

In a room full of fitness pros Charles certainly stands out.  As you can see from his picture, Charles is a big man and at first glance not what you would expect in a fitness professional.  But don’t be too quick to judge, because Charles will quickly show you his abilities far out strip what his appearance might imply.

So, take a minute, sit back, maybe with a warm cup of protein laden hot cocoa, or even an eggnog, and give a listen as Charles and I delve into what it’s like to be a big man in a skinny industry and how not to let other people’s opinions determine who or what we’ll be.

To listen to Charles’ interview, go HERE.  To download, right click and ‘Save As.’

Here’s to the New Year and making the most of our perfect imperfection,


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