Crock Pot Goodness

I pulled out the old crock pot a few days ago and I gotta say I’m really glad I did.I feel silly for not having taken advantage of this culinary time machine sooner.Last Thursday I made a leg of lamb, Sunday was a pot roast, and twice now I’ve made a giant batch of oatmeal that has become a hearty breakfast staple for the past week. The crock pot is awesome. It lets me assemble ingredients, set the temperature, and then walk away for eight or more hours. When I come back, my meal is done. What could be more… Read More »

Death by Food Pyramid

In the late 1970’s, the USDA tasked a group of nutritionists with composing the nation’s newest guide on what to eat. Previously the emphasis had been on getting “enough.” The old guide, The Four Food Groups, was all about balanced nutrition. It basically said, “Make sure you’re getting enough of each of these categories of food.” But by the seventies, we had transitioned from a nutritional state of need to one of over abundance. Food was cheap and plentiful and this was showing up in our waist lines and our health as a nation.The USDA’s new crack team was headed up by… Read More »

The Hierarchy of Health, part 3

Today’s post is the third installment in a series I’ve humbly entitled The Hierarchy of Health. This hierarchy is, in my opinion, as follows:1. Sleep2. Hydration3. Nutrition4. ExerciseYou can click on the hyperlinks above to get to posts 1 and 2 in this series. It should be stated, that this hierarchy is based almost exclusively on my own personal experience of having a body these past 44 years, my experience working with this body, both as a fitness professional and as a human being, and a thorough reading of Google searches to back up my opinions and give them at least… Read More »

The Hierarchy of Health, part 2

Last week I introduced my Hierarchy of Health. This lists, in order of importance, what I consider to be the four elements of good physical health. They are:1. Sleep2. Hydration3. Nutrition4. ExerciseAnd yes, I’m well aware that this order is the reverse of what most people consider.​ If you missed last week’s post you can read it HERE. I received a lot of good feedback on that post and some interesting questions, which brought to mind an essential caveat – Your personal mileage may vary. For you see, each one of us is a unique variation on a common theme.… Read More »

Eat More Fat

Eat fat to lose weight. For any of us who were of a cognizant age during the 90’s this is a very difficult concept to swallow. We grew up listening to Susan Powter screaming at us to “Stop the Insanity” and Dr. Dean Ornish telling us to “Eat More, Weigh Less.” The key to 90’s dietary logic was that fat made you fat and that to lose weight you could eat all the carbs and protein you wanted – just cut out the fat. Only, we kept getting fatter.Sure, I lost weight during the 90’s on a low fat diet.… Read More »

Failing to Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail, or so they say.I am as guilty of this as anyone, especially when it comes to my diet and nutrition. These days I’m usually up at 4:30 am and in the gym by 6:00. Given my commute and the sloth-like pace with which I attend my mornings, I rarely have time for more than the obligatory grooming and making coffee before I’m out the door and heading to work. My first cup (travel mug @ 16 ounces) contains a healthy dose of either coconut milk (the canned stuff, unsweetened but with lots of… Read More »