Mea Culpa, Again…

I hate being wrong.And I am wrong far more often than I would care to admit. But one of the things my mothers did right was to instill in me the importance of admitting when I am wrong. No one likes that guy who refuses to admit he was wrong even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.And the evidence is pretty overwhelming.As far as this blog is concerned there are two glaring mistakes I’ve been making and in order to look myself in the mirror each morning I need to come clean. Think of this as my… Read More »

Eric Hulse

Yes, Eric Hulse IS Elliott Hulse’s younger brother, and now that that’s said, that’s all we’re gonna say about that. Except that, like his brother, Eric is poised to make a significant impact in the health and fitness world. Eric’s focus on health, strength, fitness and well, wellness centers around it’s foundation, nutrition, but nutrition in a way you might not have considered before. Consider, your body is affected by everything you put in it. Not so radical, right? We all know we are what we eat. But consider this: We intake more than just food — thoughts, ideas, impressions,… Read More »

Dia de los Muertos

Today is Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead in Latin cultures. One of the cooler things about being an American is, as the mongrel product of our Melting Pot society and its blending of cultures from all across the globe, we can re-create ourselves however we see fit, and there is no shortage of influence to draw from. In Birmingham there has erupted a grassroots celebration of Dia de los Muertos that has become one of the cultural highlights of our fair city. Begun by the decidedly Anglo Tracy Martin as effort to both remember and celebrate… Read More »

Dave is a Grumpy Old Man

Right after my oldest daughter was born we moved to East Lake. East lake was originally a working class neighborhood settled largely by World War II and Korean War vets who came home to work in the mills and factories here in Birmingham. As the nearby airport began to grow in the 70’s and 80’s the demographics changed. As their children grew up, moved out and started lives of their own, many of these original owners moved on, too. The next generation to follow were working class blacks and folks “waiting on a check.” By 1997 when we moved in… Read More »

Dan Gibson

Wednesday is swiftly becoming my favorite day of the week. I’m quickly building a library of interviews and have streamlined my operation enough that I actually spend less time preparing them and getting them posted. I think the quality is getting better, too. This week’s interview is with Dan Gibson of Strength Haven in Indiana. The minute I met Dan I knew this was a guy I wanted to know more about. Dan has a quiet strength. He’s built like a barn and stands like an oak. He’s not particularly tall, just solid and you can tell everything he throws… Read More »

Be You.

So, my mother took my grandmother’s horrible advice and stayed married to my father for eleven years. During that time she put her own life on hold, pretending the entire time to be someone else. She consoled herself that she would leave one day, but she was waiting until I was older, thinking the divorce would not be so traumatic. Then, along came my brother and so she waited for him… Truth be told, she was never happy as a housewife and a mother. These roles chafed and confined her. She constantly sought other avenues of expression. Looking back, I… Read More »

Bad Advice

Sometime in the spring of 1972 my mother sat on the back porch of her suburban home. She sat with her own mother, miserable and bereft at the state of her life. She had a one year old baby, she was married, and she had a nice house. For 1972 she had everything she was supposed to want – but it wasn’t enough. She married my father because she’d gotten pregnant and the the appellations “single mother” and “baby daddy” didn’t exist yet. As she cried, beseeching her mother for advice that would soothe her misery and make her life… Read More »