Alex Villegas

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Today’s interview is Alex Villegas.  Alex is the second half of Synergy Transformation Center and the brains behind their DIME PEACE project.  Having been raised by strong, positive females it is Alex’s professional goal to give back by doing his part to help empower and encourage a new host of strong, positive women. Check out his interview HERE.  As always, you can download by right clicking and selecting ‘Save As.’ To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »


Few things are more valuable in this life than the realization that we are not alone.  The truth is our experiences have more in common than we give credit and the isolation we sometimes feel is largely self imposed. In order to fully understand the commonality of our experience we must open ourselves up, be willing to share our experiences.  By doing so we allow others the opportunity to realize that actually they’re not the only one. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Personal Value

  I must confess, the above line is my favorite quote from The Muppet Movie, and I always did kind of identify with Sweetums. This line stays with me I think because what’s most important is it’s opposite which is: We are more than what we do. I agree that what we do represents best who we are, but our value lies not in what we do, but who we are. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Jason C. Brown

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll. Today’s interview, over at War Stories, is Jason C. Brown.  Jason is THE reason I’m on the path I’m on right now.  Six years ago I started following his kettlebell tutorials on YouTube, by the way they remain to be some of the best material on kettlebells out there. Through Jason I was introduced to Zach Even-Esh and later Elliott Hulse. Jason is a poet of movement and I’m thrilled to include him as one of the speakers I’m bringing to the gym in January for the Mental Meat Heads Workshop. You can download or listen to his interview HERE. If… Read More »

Wild One

  All too often the face we present to the world is our copy of someone we think is more successful than we are.  Most of us, steeped in our own insecurities, feel that we’ll be better received that way. The truth is the world wants you.  That’s why you were made in the first place.  Shine your own truth.  Show your own face.  Be you. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Old Dog, New Tricks

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  For the past few months I’ve been banging my head against a proverbial wall trying to expand my outreach and really all I’ve gotten is a headache. For those of you who have stick with me over the past few months, diligently reading my posts and even commenting from time to time, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. My goal of expanding my outreach, however, has been painstakingly slow and I cannot help but think that part of that… Read More »

Zach Marcy

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. As a further expression of my own personal thanks I am happy to offer not only this week’s interview with Zach Marcy, but access to his Holiday Thrival Guide, as well.  With Zach’s guide you can do more than just survive the holidays, trying your best to atthe  least “do no harm” to your weight loss or fitness goals.  This year you can THRIVE, and still enjoy the holidays.  You can get your copy of his FRE-E guide HERE. Zach runs Synergize Transformation Center in Miami, Florida.… Read More »

Thank You!

Many of us are going to be taking time with our families next week and so I wanted to get this in early. Without getting overly cheesy, let’s remember November in general and Thanksgiving in particular have become a time for giving thanks and expressing gratitude. I want to take this moment to express my thanks. First to you, my readers. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my ideas. That you take time from your day to read and respond to these missives is greatly encouraging. I admit that there is much I have to learn in this… Read More »

Isaac Wilkins

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Today’s War Stories interview is with gym owner and coach Isaac Wilkins. Isaac owns Relentless Strength Training in Maine. He is also the author of one of the best online fitness products available, The Athlete Reborn. I relate very much to Isaac, we come from similar worlds and have faced similar struggles. Much like me, strength and fitness became the foundation of his rebirth and the fuel for his ascent. To listen to his interview, go HERE. To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »

Outlaw Strongman

Today, I am sore. Very, very sore. But with that soreness comes a sense of satisfaction and achievement that renders the soreness kinda funny. I bitch and grouse as I move to the floor like some ancient water buffalo, trying to foam roll and stretch the soreness away, but really I’m laughing about it all. The positive feelings override any discomfort. On Saturday I was in Cleveland, Tennessee at my buddy Larry Berry’s gym. He was hosting our mutual friend, Chris Dwelle, and his Outlaw Strongman seminar. Outlaw Strongman is Chris’s baby. He created a complete system, from training to… Read More »

A Practical Guide to Unleashing Your Own Personal Power

So, I can hear you saying, “Okay Dave, you’ve spent the last few weeks telling me how great I am and going on about my ‘perfect imperfection’ but I’m not feeling it. What practical advice do you have? What can I DO?” I’m so glad you asked. The first step to unleashing your own personal power is to recognize that you have it. That sounds like a total jip, right? It’s like saying the only way to be powerful is have power, but you already are powerful, you just don’t know it yet. How? Consider, while you may not be… Read More »