What I’m Thankful For

Simply put I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for my readers. I’m thankful for my clients. I’m thankful for my friends, for my family, for everyone of you whose contribution lets me do what I love everyday. I sincerely hope that you, too, get to experience the joy of living out your purpose. If you’re not and you want to, get with me. I’ll do everything in my power to help you get there.Rather than spending the remainder of this post waxing sappy about home much I love you guys I want to share the stage with one of my… Read More »

Summer Strength Fest

This past weekend I had the esteemed honor of attending the Summer Strength Fest in Sarasota, Florida at Crossfit Gulf Coast (AKA “The Cave”) as a guest of its owner, Frank Dimeo. Frank and I met a year or so back at Elliott Hulse’s Strengthology IV workshop, and I like to think that we hit it off right away. If I’m waxing poetic I might refer to Frank as the elder statesman of our rather ragtag confederacy of passionate warehouse gyms dedicated to all things related to strength and badassery, but I like to think of Frank as Ol’ Gunney.… Read More »

Tamara Reynolds

What up everybody! As promised, today I’m bringing you my other weightlifting coach and the founder of Asheville Strength and Conditioning (remember, the conditioning is silent), Tamara Reynolds. If right now, you’re thinking, “Hey, I thought it was Tamara Cohen.” It was. And now it’s changed. Deal with it. 🙂 Tamara is a powerhouse. On her way back from a knee injury, she’s already squatting weights that question my notions of my own abilities, and I easily outweigh her by 100 pounds. Needless to say, having her as coach is a tremendous inspiration and a swift kick in the pants.… Read More »

Andrea Walker

Meet Andrea Walker, local Birminghamian, marketing executive, Crossfit enthusiast, yoga instructor and the brains and passion behind a new fitness software package targeting people’s motivation through a more thorough assessment of where they are based on who they are, aptly named Fit-ability. Listen in as we discuss fitness, motivation, inspiration and Little House on the Prairie. To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE! To download, right click and ‘Save As.’ To watch the video GO HERE! To our perfect imperfection, Dave Read More »