Chip Conrad: Part Deux

Yep, it’s our good buddy Chip Conrad again. This time we’re talking something specific, the Creating the Holistic Weightlifter workshop that he and Nick Horton and Tamara Reynolds are hosting at Asheville Strength and Conditioning in lovely Asheville, North Carolina, June 22nd and 23rd. This is going to be a powerhouse of a weekend. If you have the least desire to improve your weightlifting skills (we’re talking snatch and clean and jerk here) then you NEED to be at this workshop. Chip, Nick and Tamara are uniquely gifted not only for their weightlifting ability but for their coaching skills AND their passion… Read More »

Nick Horton

Happy Wednesday. Today’s interview is Nick Horton, formally of Portland, Oregon now residing in Asheville, North Carolina and forming half of the dynamic duo that runs Asheville Strength and Conditioning (the conditioning is silent). FULL CONFESSION: I didn’t know who Nick was. Chip Conrad suggested I contact him for an interview. You guys know how highly I regard Chip, so if he thought Nick was good people that was enough for me. Turns out Nick runs a prolific blog The Iron Samurai and is a successful Internet entrepreneur. Needless to say, I was highly impressed. So much so that within a… Read More »

Lift With Your Head

Lift With Your Head At present there exists no one text I can point to that is a manifesto for Mental Meat Heads.  In part that is intentional.  As Mental Meat Heads we all need to come to our own conclusions.  The purpose of Mental Meat Heads is not to tell you what to think about health and fitness but to encourage you to think about it. Don’t just swallow what the mainstream media finds profitable at the moment, put your own brain to work, explore, experiment and come to your own conclusions. But, if I was asked for a… Read More »

Mental Meat Heads

I’ve got that after Christmas feeling. Not the one where you’re all bloated from too much turkey and sweets and disappointed that you didn’t get that pony again this year, but the one that’s the natural denouement that comes from getting all ramped up for something awesome, and it was awesome, but now it’s over and you’ve got to start thinking about going back to school, maybe even finish that book report you were putting off. This past weekend was nothing short of amazing – the culmination of several months effort and planning, but also the high point of my… Read More »

Play. Play often.

Play.It’s something most of us have forgotten how to do. We tell our kids, “Go play,” because we want them out of our hair. “Mama’s got things she’s gotta do now, go play.” “I’m sorry, baby, Daddy’s busy, go play.” We tell our kids, “Go play, ” because somebody somewhere told us it was good for them, an essential part of their development. “They won’t be functional as adults or learn as well if they don’t play.”Of course, we all know that last bit is falling by the wayside. Current educational paradigms tell us that scores are down and that… Read More »