What I Want

I think I may have stumbled upon a new level of maturity.  Either that, or I’ve completely regressed and I’m delusional to boot. Here lately, I’ve become more and more concerned about what I want.  Which at first blush seems to give more credence to the regressed option, but bear with me, I think I can make a better case for development. For most of my life I’ve been concerned about what others want.  I quickly learned to navigate a dysfunctional family structure by learning and then giving my parents what I thought they wanted.  My childhood, adolescent and young… Read More »

Mea Culpa

I hope you had a good holiday yesterday.  I also hope you took my advice and made it a real holiday, as well. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t do any work yesterday, but what work I did do was so enjoyable it didn’t feel like it. I slept late, and by sleeping late I mean I really slept late.  My day usually starts around 4:30 am and I’m generally out of the house before anyone else has stirred, sometimes even before my German shepherd, Olive.  Yesterday, I lounged late into the morning and did not get… Read More »

Independence Day

So, tomorrow is Independence Day.  For most of us this is a holiday and I hope you make the most of it.  I certainly intend to.  I have been working especially hard lately and while I finally learned to include the concept of deload into my workouts I have yet to incorporate it successfully into my work life. In case I lost you, deload is a concept from the wave periodization school of workout progression.  The theory goes like this.  Progression in nature is never truly linear.  If you were to plot a person’s progress in a lift, say the… Read More »


Early on, when I began branding my business and came up with the Agoge Fitness Systems concept I took the tag line, “Everyone has potential…What’s yours?”  I meant this as an uplifting challenge to everyone who came through my door, an invitation to see just what we are capable of, both as individuals and as a community. Over the past few months, as I’ve continued to study Strengthology, the idea of potential has arisen again and this time with an interesting new spin. Strengthology, is a concept envisioned by my friend and mentor Elliott Hulse.  You’ve heard me talking about… Read More »


Sunday of the workshop, after spending a few minutes foam rolling out some of the kinks from the previous day’s work and exploring some movement meditation, Chip showed us a video.  It was one of those PBS local color documentary shows.  This one is called California Gold.  Our own local version is creatively named Discovering Alabama. The particular segment Chip showed us was about the original Muscle Beach, which was not the Muscle Beach I thought I knew.  The Muscle Beach I was familiar with was a later incarnation that came after the first was closed down.  The one I… Read More »

Better Before More

We live in a world obsessed with more–more money, more bling, more status, more friends, more clicks, more views.  It’s gotten to where our linear thinking has reduced us to a point where we can only think in terms of numbers, and as such, more is always better.  Quantity has trumped quality. The best videos on YouTube are measured in terms of the number of views.  Your success as an individual is frequently measured not in the quality of your work but in what you can charge for it.  More money is instantly equated with a superior product, regardless of… Read More »

Where Can We Go from Here?

If you train at my gym, you know about the white board where I list the week’s workouts.  In the bottom portion of this board I like to place inspirational quotes, little notes to myself and my clients to help carry them through their workout and the rest of their day. For the last couple of weeks the board simply read, “You are awesome.” That’s one I will eventually need to make permanent.  I’ll dedicate some area of wall space and have this painted onto the wall.  It’s a powerful message, one we don’t hear often enough and, even when… Read More »


Miss ya already. When I got to work this morning that was the email from Chip that was sitting for me in my inbox.  He’d sent it the day before while I was in transit flying back to Birmingham. My afternoon was spent reconnecting with my daughters.  We caught a late afternoon showing of Brave and then got burgers, sans bun, of course, and onion rings at Hamburger Heaven.  My wife, Samantha, is in New Hampshire for her own workshop and won’t be back until Friday. This morning has been spent being welcomed back by fellow trainers, gym members and… Read More »

Sacramento: Day 2

Sacramento is a sleepy town on a Saturday. I was pretty wiped yesterday and fell asleep literally minutes after having sent last night’s post.  I slept a whopping ten hours (unheard of!) and woke at 5 am, local time, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Of course, my twenty something hosts were fast asleep, so I quietly showered, shaved and slipped out.  I found my way to the gym, parked my rental car and set out in search of a coffee shop. Thanks to the two hour time difference I was able to consult with my good friend John Paul and… Read More »


I just wanted to drop a quick note. I’m here in Sacramento for the Bodytribe Gathering of the Tribes.  I got here about midday, went to see the gym and got to pal around with Chip for a while, he took me to a local Co-op to get some groceries and and I got to see a little bit of Sacramento. I gotta say it reminds me a lot of St. Petersburg. From the little while I did spend in and around the gym I can say it has an awesome vibe and the people drawn to Chip and his… Read More »

The Physical Sub-Culture

I am really starting to get excited about this weekend. I’m travelling again.  I know, I know, I’ve been on the road a lot this year.  My motivations, as always, are both selfish and altruistic. On my last trip, to the conference in New Jersey, many of the speakers talked about how, “It’s not about the money.”  The idea is that you do what you love, follow your passion and share your gifts and the money will take care of itself.  I believe that, but I also appreciated Zach saying that for many of us, “Right now, it is about… Read More »

Fighting the Air 2

Recently I started re-exploring some of the old kung fu forms I used to do with a near religious fervence.  By the way, that’s me in the far left of this photo. As I mentioned in an earlier post, as an adolescent and young adult, I became obsessed with martial arts.  Both Hollywood and Hong Kong ass kickers had captured my imagination and I was able to mitigate a general sense of powerlessness with fantasies of fists of fury. At thirteen I met another kid at Y summer camp who took karate.  His school came and did a demo for… Read More »