Sacramento: Day 2

Sacramento is a sleepy town on a Saturday. I was pretty wiped yesterday and fell asleep literally minutes after having sent last night’s post.  I slept a whopping ten hours (unheard of!) and woke at 5 am, local time, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Of course, my twenty something hosts were fast asleep, so I quietly showered, shaved and slipped out.  I found my way to the gym, parked my rental car and set out in search of a coffee shop. Thanks to the two hour time difference I was able to consult with my good friend John Paul and… Read More »


I just wanted to drop a quick note. I’m here in Sacramento for the Bodytribe Gathering of the Tribes.  I got here about midday, went to see the gym and got to pal around with Chip for a while, he took me to a local Co-op to get some groceries and and I got to see a little bit of Sacramento. I gotta say it reminds me a lot of St. Petersburg. From the little while I did spend in and around the gym I can say it has an awesome vibe and the people drawn to Chip and his… Read More »

The Physical Sub-Culture

I am really starting to get excited about this weekend. I’m travelling again.  I know, I know, I’ve been on the road a lot this year.  My motivations, as always, are both selfish and altruistic. On my last trip, to the conference in New Jersey, many of the speakers talked about how, “It’s not about the money.”  The idea is that you do what you love, follow your passion and share your gifts and the money will take care of itself.  I believe that, but I also appreciated Zach saying that for many of us, “Right now, it is about… Read More »

Fighting the Air 2

Recently I started re-exploring some of the old kung fu forms I used to do with a near religious fervence.  By the way, that’s me in the far left of this photo. As I mentioned in an earlier post, as an adolescent and young adult, I became obsessed with martial arts.  Both Hollywood and Hong Kong ass kickers had captured my imagination and I was able to mitigate a general sense of powerlessness with fantasies of fists of fury. At thirteen I met another kid at Y summer camp who took karate.  His school came and did a demo for… Read More »

Father’s Day

So, I was a little more stiff getting out of bed this morning than usual.  My legs are a tad more sore than I expected, which was not sore at all, because, after all, I can be arrogant at times and forget that I’m forty, or human. I had a pretty good weekend these past two days.  I hope you did, too.  If you’re a father, like me, then I hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day and were feted appropriately.  I certainly feel like I was, made me feel like I was doing something right. Saturday was a very short… Read More »

The Same Church

Glenny Brock is my writing coach.  If you write, I highly recommend you get one, not a Glenny per se but a coach (athough, Glenny is quite good, and if you ask nicely and seem a decent sort I’d be happy to make the introduction). In fact, whatever your speciality I suggest you find someone better at it than you are and align yourself with them.  It will only make you better at whatever it is you want to do. Glenny and I meet Friday afternoons at a local coffee shop.  We discuss my writing, either this newsletter or another… Read More »

Elliott Hulse

All I can feel is sound, the roar of a thousand lions, caged, furious, mad with rage.  Bulls bellowing with all of their strength straining to break their bonds, every fiber taut, fuelled by an anger so deep it’s origin is nameless. In a moment of clear consciousness I realize–it’s coming from me.  I’m on my knees beating the floor with both fists, bawling for all I’m worth.  My neck strains, my mouth stretches and all I can do is let it out. Around me fifty some odd guys and a few women are in the throes of their own… Read More »

The Ultimate Warrior

When I got back from New Jersey, a little over a week ago (really? it’s only been a week?) one of the first things I told people was, “I met the Ultimate Warrior.” “Good for you.  What’s his name?” “No, you don’t understand, not an ultimate warrior, THE Ultimate Warrior.  You know the wrestler?  WWF?”  And this is where I’d lose them.  Which is a shame, really. Birmingham has it’s own snobbery.  Seeing as it’s the biggest city in an otherwise rural state and that it lives in the shadow of both Atlanta and Nashville, professional wrestling is, well, beneath… Read More »

Paul Reddick

Over the past few years of following Zach’s emails and blogs I would occasionally hear or see the name Paul Reddick.  I had no real idea who he was.  (That sound you just heard was the collective gasp of the greater north-east.  Any gym owner or trainer in the New England area with a blog or a keyboard knows Paul in some capacity it seems.)  I did know Zach respected him and considered him a good friend but I had never pursued Paul myself and was therefore ignorant to just how influential he is. Turns out Paul’s a pretty cool… Read More »

Rick Daman

Rick Daman has the piercing stare of a hawk. I’d been watching him for a while, trying to figure out who he was and where he fit in the conference (attendee?  presenter?) and then it was his turn to speak.  (Ah, presenter.) Zach introduced him as an early attendee at one of his Underground Strength Coach certifications and a member of Paul Reddick’s mastermind group.  On his return from the Underground Strength Coach cert Rick felt the distinct and undeniable pull of opening his own gym.  If you’ve ever had it, that tug, that says, “You can do this,” that… Read More »

Quatro Duece

Quatro Duece, probably the coolest name I have ever heard–well, Dax Moy is a pretty solid contender, but more about Dax later.  This one is about Quatro. Quatro was the next speaker to come up after Brendan Gilliam at the Underground Strength Conference.  Zach’s intro was ebullient and the level of respect he expressed for Quatro was immeasurable. “Quatro is a bad mofo.” Quatro really is a bad mofo.  He’s a Navy SEAL who works part time.  They can do that?  If you’re Quatro you can, and you can negotiate a higher salary than when you worked full time.  That… Read More »

Brendan Gilliam

Greetings Friends and Neighbors, I want to continue my series on the Underground Strength Conference and the lessons I’ve taken home.  More than just bragging about all the cool people I met, (and I met some very cool people) I want to share their messages.  Maybe there’s something here that you’ve been waiting to hear; it’s my honor to be able to share. The next speaker to come up was Brendan Gilliam.  I’d heard some buzz from some of the other attendees, references to Crossfit, Greg Glassman, and Brendan having been one of the original trainers at first Crossfit in… Read More »