John Locke

Wednesday’s workout was named for the founder of Classical Liberalism, John Locke. John Locke Any hip exercise x 10 40 yard sprint KB Swing x 10 40 yard sprint You can watch the video HERE. The funny thing about video is that it has none of the delusions and amplifications you mind can create.  See, in my mind, when I sprint I am the wind.  Video says, “Not so much,” and reminds me that this is an area I could use further work. I could use the excuse that it’s different running in sand, and it is, but really, watch… Read More »


I’m still enjoying my vacation down here on Gulf Coast. The weather’s been great, the house we rented is very comfortable and I have taken to vacation living like a fish in water. Luckily, I haven’t let myself completely go as I discovered I really just don’t have a good day unless I find a way to move.  Yesterday I did another one of Chip Conrad’s gpp routines.  This one named for the German author and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe KB Snatch x 6/6 Pushups x 12 Clubbell Lateral Swing with Ninja Chop x 6/6 6 rounds for… Read More »


I know I haven’t said much about Chip or the Bodytribe workshop this week.  As you know, I’ve been busy promoting my book. I didn’t want today to get by without a final reminder that this is the LAST DAY to get in to the workshop at the discounted price.  This a two-day workshop for a mere $199. In the past I’ve paid as much as five times that price for a similar event.  This is a tremendous deal. So, if you’re now asking, “Why so cheap, Dave.  What’s wrong with it?” Absolutely nothing. The truth is I feel so… Read More »

Coaching Call

Today is the last day to get in on the sale of my new book over at Critical Bench.  It will still be available after today, but at twice it’s current price. Apparently, my radio interview with Brian Cannone, on FTNS Fitness Radio, was successful.  Mike Westerdal, my publisher, said his inbox has been swamped with email asking questions about the book, most of which he said could be answered by buying the book (he should say that, he’s my publisher), but all these questions put an idea in his head. To sweeten the pot, Mike has decided to offer… Read More »

“Pimp” Yourself

Last night was definitely an exciting first for me. Back last March when I finished my work on the manuscript for Think! And Lose Weight I felt a remarkable sense of accomplishment.  I took a rough manuscript and turned it into a polished product that was readable and better suited to deliver it’s message.  I made a sizeable contribution to the book and was proud of my work. And then I kinda forgot about it. My publisher, Mike, and I would touch base occasionally about the production phase, which for an e-book is essentially rendering it into a pdf format,… Read More »

Odds and Ends

Oh boy, I’m late.  It’s 12:30 pm Central time and I’m just now sitting down to write, it’s been a bit of a hectic day and I’m off my usual schedule. I didn’t have six am client and I let myself sleep in a little.  My first clients wouldn’t be at the gym until eight, so I had time to draw the morning out a little.  I got my coffee, settled my gear and decided that since my new Alpha Strong sand bag had arrived in the mail I would stop by Home Depot for a couple bags of sand.… Read More »

New Book!

I’m pretty excited today.  Yesterday saw the launch of an e-book I started working on back in November of last year.  It’s available through Critical Bench and, if you’re interested, you can download your copy HERE. Some of you may know that I started my foray into fitness writing a few years ago by doing editing for Elliott Hulse and Mike Westerdal, the authors of the highly successful internet products Lean Hybrid Muscle and Lean Hybrid Muscle-Reloaded.  Initially, I worked on projects for Elliott and his business, before long he introduced me to Mike, for whom I worked on material… Read More »


  I didn’t sleep all that well last night, not so much from anxiety but excitement. I watched the second disc of Chip Conrad’s DVD Strength Rituals yesterday and I’m afraid it got me a little jazzed up.  This doesn’t bode well for my sleeping hours as the workshop is still a good three weeks away.  Maybe I need to calm down a little–go easy on the coffee. I kept dreaming about working out.  How silly is that?  My dreams were about combos and complexes, chaining movement patterns together with resistance to generate work and flow at the same time. … Read More »

What I Want

I think I may have stumbled upon a new level of maturity.  Either that, or I’ve completely regressed and I’m delusional to boot. Here lately, I’ve become more and more concerned about what I want.  Which at first blush seems to give more credence to the regressed option, but bear with me, I think I can make a better case for development. For most of my life I’ve been concerned about what others want.  I quickly learned to navigate a dysfunctional family structure by learning and then giving my parents what I thought they wanted.  My childhood, adolescent and young… Read More »

Mea Culpa

I hope you had a good holiday yesterday.  I also hope you took my advice and made it a real holiday, as well. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t do any work yesterday, but what work I did do was so enjoyable it didn’t feel like it. I slept late, and by sleeping late I mean I really slept late.  My day usually starts around 4:30 am and I’m generally out of the house before anyone else has stirred, sometimes even before my German shepherd, Olive.  Yesterday, I lounged late into the morning and did not get… Read More »

Independence Day

So, tomorrow is Independence Day.  For most of us this is a holiday and I hope you make the most of it.  I certainly intend to.  I have been working especially hard lately and while I finally learned to include the concept of deload into my workouts I have yet to incorporate it successfully into my work life. In case I lost you, deload is a concept from the wave periodization school of workout progression.  The theory goes like this.  Progression in nature is never truly linear.  If you were to plot a person’s progress in a lift, say the… Read More »


Early on, when I began branding my business and came up with the Agoge Fitness Systems concept I took the tag line, “Everyone has potential…What’s yours?”  I meant this as an uplifting challenge to everyone who came through my door, an invitation to see just what we are capable of, both as individuals and as a community. Over the past few months, as I’ve continued to study Strengthology, the idea of potential has arisen again and this time with an interesting new spin. Strengthology, is a concept envisioned by my friend and mentor Elliott Hulse.  You’ve heard me talking about… Read More »