Brian Lederman

Brian Lederman

By all rights Brian Lederman shouldn’t be here.  And by here I mean HERE, as in among the living.  Raised in a highly dysfunctional household under a single mother crippled by addiction and her own abusive past, Brian, at the tender age of nine, discovered, after a prolonged and undetected infection and an unplanned stay in the hospital, that he was now a Type I diabetic.

Fast Forward another 6 or so equally dysfunctional years full of drug and sexual abuse, parental neglect and the not infrequent hospital stay.  At 15 Brian found his salvation.  It came from the mall, found in the back corner of a Waldenbooks in the form of Franco Columbu’s Complete Book of Bodybuilding.  From this humble and larcenous beginning Brian launched himself into bodybuilding and started a career, both long and complicated, from the fading luster of the Golden Age of bodybuilding to the height of personal training to today.

Listen in as we discuss training, life’s struggles and what it takes to overcome and stay positive.  To listen, CLICK HERE! to download, right click and ‘Save As.’

To our perfect imperfection,


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