I know I haven’t said much about Chip or the Bodytribe workshop this week.  As you know, I’ve been busy promoting my book.

I didn’t want today to get by without a final reminder that this is the LAST DAY to get in to the workshop at the discounted price.  This a two-day workshop for a mere $199.

In the past I’ve paid as much as five times that price for a similar event.  This is a tremendous deal.

So, if you’re now asking, “Why so cheap, Dave.  What’s wrong with it?”

Absolutely nothing.

The truth is I feel so strongly about what Chip teaches and how I want our gym the emulate the successes and community that Bodytribe has, I’m willing to promote this event at as low a rate as I can in order to share Chip and his message with as many people as possible.

Don’t delay.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity.  Birmingham is not one of the regular stops for touring professionals like Chip.  I hope to change that, but until I do, don’t let a chance like this slip away.

Sign up HERE.

And stay strong.

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