Be Like Water, My Friend


That’s my blood pressure this morning. That’s substantially lower than it was two weeks ago. And it’s steadily going down.

That’s pretty good news and in the grand scheme of things a sure sign of success.

The downside, where I seem to have been focused lately, is that other things have changed as well. My energy levels are down, my workouts aren’t quite what they’ve been and now I’m revisited by an old injury around my left hip flexor.

That’s limited my Oly practice, as it flares up even working with the bar, and my squat practice, which means my road to a 500# squat is…delayed.

Last week while bemoaning my fate, “Oh, poor pitiful me!” I was reminded, by a friend, of this simple quote from Bruce Lee, “Be like water, my friend.”

You can see the ultimate Master Bruce deliver those very words here.

Unfortunately, I’ve been informed that while absolutely amazing the ping pong video is not real. That’s doctored film footage that was put together for a commercial. In fact, that’s not even Bruce Lee. The same goes for the match stick footage. Although that really is Bruce horsing around with his son, Brandon.

Why include it? Because it’s still amazing and it inspires even though I know part of it is false.

For me, being like water means adjusting to my circumstances. So, the hip flexor issue is in the way of my Oly work. It has no affect whatsoever on my pullup and handstand practice. That’s an area where I need some work and it’s the perfect thing to focus on while I rehab my hip flexor.

Life is flow.

Obstacles are a part of life.

How the water feels about the rock is immaterial so long as the water flows around the rock. Any annoyance is temporary, quickly left behind, as the water goes on to meet it’s next challenge.

When I do make it back to my Oly work I’ll be that much more prepared. I’ll have all the benefit of my hand balancing and pullup work to support me.

Be like water, my friend.

To our perfect imperfection,


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